Monday, 22 August 2016

Being Unequally Yoked...(4)

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The Bible says we must not be unequally yoked with unbelievers and attempting to ignore that command from God always gave me uncertainties about the future. Like, what if he fails to love me because he doesn’t believe in Christ who advocates husbands to love their brides as Christ loves his church? What if he decides to go against the principles set in the bible about adultery because he doesn’t believe it is the written word of God? What if he just goes wild and lives his life with no boundaries and I get the shock of my life in marriage? I have evidenced wrecked families with broken children, and I was a product of one because of unequally yoked couples. On the contrary, I have read books and seen people in my church who have great marriages because they are equally yoked in their beliefs. I totally understand that I can't use God to have a great marriage because there are actually non-Christians who have wonderful marriages and Christians who actually divorce. So I don’t know what my own experience will be; but I can avoid the familiar experiences I’ve known all my life by obeying and trusting that God’s Word has my best interest at heart when it says that I should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

After prolonging the process of delaying the inevitable with prayer and continued chats; I sat one evening in Church and I just found myself writing a text to the guy telling him that it’s over and I won’t be negotiating anymore. Prior to that I had explained to him that I need a man who loves Jesus more than me and his response was that he doesn’t believe that loving my Messiah equates to loving me, but if that’s what I want; then he won’t be able to do it. He told me that he still loved me; but I was liberated because I can’t imagine sharing my life with someone who doesn’t have the same spiritual beliefs as I do.I imagine my partner and I praying together, going to church together, tithing, advancing God's kingdom together- not for our glory but for His. The guy once mentioned that one of us was going to change their beliefs and adopt the others’and I saw that I was the one being influenced. In December during a prayer camp, a prophet prophesied to me saying that he sees a ring on my finger. This was after I met this guy and when he pursued me and said all the nice things, I believed that the prophecy had come to pass. So I wanted to hold on and make it work even when being unequally yoked with this guy. I don't think the prophet was false, I just think I was rushing everything even when it was not yet time. The prophet was just confirming the picture that I've always seen- a ring on my finger but the time is only known by God. 

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