Friday, 20 July 2012

A Glimpse of Heavenly Worship!

On Wednesday night at exactly 3am, God woke me with a strong urge to worship Him! Honestly, I did not want to get out of bed at that time, in that cold but the sweet Holy Spirit prompted me to obey God! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! The Holy Spirit enables me to please God because in my own strength…it wouldn’t be possible!
My worship was common with my previous ones and at the back of my head I wondered, Lord though? Couldn’t we do this later on during the day?! I’ve got a lecture to attend in the morning!! Fortunately I was able to adapt to the situation and align my mind and body with the spirit of God! God is God and He is confident about being God! In Isaiah 43:11&12 He says,

 “I, even I, am the Lord,
    and apart from me there is no saviour.
I have revealed and saved and proclaimed
    I, and not some foreign god among you!”

At any time of the day or night He places a desire in His sons and daughters to give Him what’s due to Him-worship! He seeks willing, determined and obedient Christians who will praise and worship Him despite the circumstances of this world!

During worship, I got into two different phases! The first phase was “normal” worship but the second one was out of this world! When I got into that phase I began to have a sense of reverence and holy fear for God! I developed utmost respect for Him! I was at a place where worship was the only thing I lived for where God became an extraordinary important source for my existence! When I got into that phase I began to sing a new song in tongues! I literally danced a dance I had never danced before! I smiled from ear to ear and was filled with abundant joy! The kind of joy I have never felt in my entire life! This worship was divine and not of this world! There was no fear but fear for the One I was worshipping! It was not long until I was done! I felt really great, renewed and even happier! I truly have the slightest idea of heavenly worship, the size compared to a needle hole! We worship God for two minutes and think that’s the best we can do! No, the best is yet to come! The angels fear God and they worship Him with everything that they have! They have a true sense of who God is! They don’t treat Him like a clown or a second option, or talk to Him however way they want to! They respect God because He is GOD!!!

Throughout the whole of this week I was filled with so much gratitude towards God for all that He has done for me! I found myself praising more! I opened my drawer, filled with toiletry…and I praised my God! I opened my fridge filled with fruits and vegetables and all kinds of healthy foods…and I praised my God! I looked at my BEDS with warm blankets and comfortable pillows…and I praised my God! I felt the cold outside and rushed back to look at my heater! I looked above my head and oh, there was a roof…I praised my God!            I thought of my mother, my father and my sister…how they love me and I praised my God! I opened my wardrobe, clothes; bags, shoes falling over and I praised my God! The other day I went to the marry -go -rounds with my mum,(yes, I’m still young and healthy to go there) and in one of the roller coaster rides I sat next to a deaf guy! This guy could not scream like everybody else to express thrill and excitement! And friend, I’ve got an audible voice to praise my God!!!

God is GOD and God is good! I got even crazier when I thought about how He has always preserved me throughout my life! When the haploid egg from my mother and the haploid sperm from my father came together, he knew about me! During my mother’s pregnancy He still preserved me! When I was six years old living with my grandmother in a two roomed house, sitting on concrete every night with my bible open on Psalm 22, crying, my God, my God…why have you abandoned me, He took care of me! When I moved to Schweizer-Reneke to live with my aunt who always discouraged us from going to church, saying we are dodging work with this church of ours, God still revealed Himself to me! When I moved to boarding school in Vryburg God helped me identify my gifts and talents so that I could use them for His glory! When I went to university in Johannesburg and was involved in all kinds of sin my God still loved me! When I moved to Welkom and everybody treated me like I was nothing, God saw my worth and He lifted me up! God’s love for me was never altered by my foolishness, mistakes or sins! He loved me even more when He brought me to Bloemfontein and gave me the courage to accept His call! Please give me a reason why I should not get out of bed at 3am to praise this wonderful God! Please give me a reason why I should not love my King!!! 

"If You don't know my pain, You'll never understand my praise! You can look at me all crazy if you want, but I'm not gonna stop praising my God!"

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