Tuesday, 19 June 2012

True Knowledge Is Found In Gods Word!

I believe that in every human heart, there is a longing for God’s presence or touch! Like I was in the past, there are some who just refuse to obey God’s call. There are also some who feel that they have messed up so much they don’t even know how and where to begin! You find people resorting to other things for inner healing, protection and security!  People waste lots of money on unnecessary things and they don’t know why their situation never seems to change! Understand that you don’t need any other thing in your life for true abundance but Jesus!  Students only run to Him when they are writing exams, others know him only when they go to church on Sundays, but God wants you to know Him extremely well! I know you heard this before but the only way you’ll get to know Him is through His word! Jesus doesn’t want you to build a relationship with him for a short period of time but for eternity and in that way, you get to experience the life in abundance that He promises! You need to walk in the plan of God!

Many Christians are blinded and naive! They don’t know the power that works in them! That is truly sad!  You have to read the word, believe what it says about you, and personalize it for your own! God is speaking directly to you! I was once very content with where I was and accepted any situation that approached me! I was once living a mediocre life thinking that it is my destiny, that’s the way God intended things to be! I made this mistake because I listened to the wrong people and not listen to what God said about me! I’d look around and see people around me getting blessed! I cheered for them, wished I was them and say to myself, they are lucky! But it has nothing to do with luck! The word of God applies to every one of us and if you stand on it you are destined to work in victory and abundance! I have come to a realization that I can and will boast about what God says about me in His word! I have been a spectator for far too long! Now, Abraham’s blessings are mine!  That doesn’t mean that I am not happy for those around me, I am happy for them but I cannot continue clapping for them and sitting in the corner with heartaches and depression! The same principle that they use, is the same principle that I will use and that is to stand and depend on Gods word above anything else! 

Listen, I’m getting somewhere! True knowledge is found in God and for you to understand that you have to immerse your whole life in scripture! I mean I can watch every sermon on TBN, but still have a desire to read my bible and pray! That is because I know that God speaks to us differently and He has a new thing to tell me apart from what He revealed to Joyce Meyer or Joseph Prince or any other Christian you know! So, the hunger for God produces knowledge which then produces righteousness! See, with the word of God you are secured! Your confidence, hope and faith grow everyday! “Those who kneel before God will stand before man.” What that really means is that, you can stand boldly before men and tell them what God has revealed to you through scripture! That doesn’t mean that you think you are more powerful than everybody because at your secret place, you cry out to God for strength! You humble yourself by His side so that He will no doubt lift you up!

While I was praying yesterday, I saw that tree again! (Those who have been following my blog will know which one I’m talking about) As I prayed, flames of fire grew around the tree from the ground and around the tree!  If anything came toward the tree, the fire would just snatch it away before it reaches it! As I continued praying, the fire grew in height until it covered the tree completely! The wonderful Holy Spirit told me that those who depend whole heartedly on God’s word have a consuming fire around them which snatches any evil that approaches them! They need not worry about anything because the Lord will indeed rebuke the devourer for their sake! As I continued to pray I saw fire coming out from a mouth of a man/woman, I’m not sure! And God told me that indeed those who confess and act on His word have the fire of God in them and it is all that comes out as soon as they pray!  In the past when things did not go my way, I used to ask myself, how everything went so wrong!! Today I am happy and everything is going right and I am asking myself, how everything went so right!! We’ll it all started going right the moment I stood on Gods word! The moment I told myself that I will depend on nothing but Him! The moment I started allowing my thoughts, words and deeds to be in line with Gods word!  

“I am like a tree like a tree planted by streams of water,
    which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
    whatever I do prospers!”

Imagine yourself as this tree! God is looking after you, that’s what He promised to do! You need water, carbon dioxide and sunlight in order for you to bear much fruit! In biology we call it photosynthesis! So as a believer, you need resources that will keep you nurtured and strong in His word! You need to be a firm tree, unshakable! The only way you can achieve this is if you Gods word, study and meditate on it! Christians are misled because they are lazy to read the bible! That’s sad because your life is in the bible! I mean you get people who get “delivered” by other people without even them knowing about it! That’s because people are hungry for righteousness, purity and blessings! They wonder why in the long run they give up and go back to their old ways, that Is because they have not established a strong foundation in Gods word, rather they quickly surrender their spirit to anybody who calls himself Christ’s messenger! It is good to go to church and be amazed by what God does through the pastors but God has spoken about you too! 

 “ And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

Jesus is talking to you too friend! Jesus is talking to you too woman! You are not left out!! How will you know this if you don’t read the word though? You will be confused and move from church to church, pastor to pastor seeking deliverance and not running to the deliverer himself, the Word! In fact when you depend entirely on Gods word you find that you no longer get depressed, sad or lonely because you always have a companion right there by your side! You can truly rest when you stand on Gods Word!

Lord Jesus, I thank you for your wonderful word that is so sweet to my spirit! Thank you for your word that revives and defines me! Thank you that I seek more of you, you draw even closer to me and reveal yourself to me each day! I love you my sweet King! Amen!

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