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It All Begins with You

It is a tragedy to witness souls wondering about rootless, with no identity or foundation. Their esteem is based on a precarious lifestyle and yet sadly-many don’t know that they have worth to preserve. I’m certain that you understand what I’m talking about, well that’s if you’re not one of those wondering about. There was a point in life where you were blind and deaf, hence scripture says seeing they do not see, hearing, they do not hear nor understand. Despite how others told you the truth or how you witnessed your life leading to disaster, you still could not understand, you still could not bring yourself to repentance. It is indeed a tragedy.

“I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”~Romans9:15

See, the Lord was merciful to you and removed the scales off your eyes. He took you out from darkness and placed you into His marvelous light where you were enabled to see the true state of your nature. One would look back and ponder, “How in the world did I manage to get out of that?” Out of the curse of fornication, bitterness, and the one system that destroys the human life, religion. Surely God must be all powerful to save one like me!

God says that He will have mercy on whoever He wants to have mercy on, and mercy is what God wants to lavish on His people. Before I got saved I had two kinds of people in my life: Those who came to me and told me about my sins. I bet they thought they were preaching the gospel while all along I felt condemned. One who "boldly" tells others about their sin is no different from one who tells them about their prosperity, both are focused on the human being. While the gospel is all about Jesus-who He is and what He's done. Judging a person who claims to be a Christian for their willful is biblically correct, however, it should be done in love. It hurts most when a religious person who doesn't see their faults judge another. When you judge, are the circumstances right? Is your tone and attitude right? Do you really love the person whom you’re judging? Are you well-acquainted with that particular person? How often are we quick to pass judgment on others without having the entire information at our disposal?  The second type was those who would sit down with me and tell me the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. These, although we have parted ways, I remember so well. They knew that I was a hypocrite, a fornicator, and I was not afraid to show it off because I was blind, I thought it was right. As blind as I was, my dearest friend Esther would visit me endlessly telling me about the blood Jesus, how it washes me and makes me clean. Yes, she acknowledged that I’m a sinner, but we’re all sinners. Just because I’m fornicating it doesn’t make me a special case, at the end of it all we all need the blood of Jesus. I recall how I tried to be accepted by society as an obese individual, wearing fake eye-lashes, and fake nails, fake hair…and she would say to me, “You are so beautiful, you don’t need all this.” Even though I didn’t feel like I was worth being loved, I could feel the love of God from Esther’s disposition towards me.

Since God will have mercy on whoever He wants to have mercy on, who are we to judge basically? The role that we play here is to pray for those who are now blind and deaf because they really do not know what they’re doing. We should turn our criticism into intercession. We should ask God that the love that He has for His Son should be in us for other people. We should refrain from blabbering about things we don’t know and ask the Lord to open the eyes of every blind person, open the ears of the deaf.

It All Begins With You

Now, all these people that you see wondering about in confusion did not just automatically land in that situation-it all began somewhere, with a choice made by someone. (I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live. Deuteronomy30:19). You know the saying, “You are free to choose. But you’re not free to choose the consequences of your choosing? Yea, well as cliché as it sounds every choice you make will have an effect on your descendants (children, children’s children etc), whether it be good or bad. The promiscuous girl that you see wondering about looking for attention didn’t just happen; the curse is the result of the choices made by the previous generation. And while this girl is hurting, busy wondering about looking for a solution we have the nerve to judge her!!! She is blind, she needs somebody who will stand in the gap for her, she needs somebody God can use to break that curse upon her life. Be that somebody. When everybody is gossiping about her, condemning her, making her feel likes she’s less of a human, stand in the gap my friend. It all begins with you. Many people take the Christian life so lightly, well that’s the devil’s agenda, to blind our eyes to the consciousness of who we truly are in this world. If you’re the only one truly saved and I’m not talking about religion, in your family, in your commune, in your work place, then stand in the gap. Do not loose heart. Keep telling your family and friends about the gospel of Jesus, and through you, Jesus will break the curse!

The Phenomena of a Generational Curse

(This is a summary I compiled after reading Marilyn Hickey’s book, Breaking Generational Curses)

Sin means to miss the mark. So when you sin, you miss the mark or fall below what God has called you to do. If sin is repeatedly committed, it becomes an iniquity which can be passed down through the blood line. One person practices a certain sin- just one, until it becomes a lifestyle. Once entrenched this sin becomes an iniquity. That behavior is practiced over and over, allowing Satan to gain control of the mind, will, and emotion. That control will continue for that individual and future generations, becoming a generational curse.

See, it all begins with you; the choice now is in your hands.  Perhaps you’ve been living in your parent’s curses, and you probably are going to pass that curse to your seed. Clearly, the curse is visible, bound by immorality, divorce, drunkenness, bitternesss…Are you also one of those people whom Jesus talked about in Mathew13:13, “Seeing, they do not see. Hearing they do not hear or understand.” Or will you be brave enough to answer the call of God upon your life and experience the mercy He so wishes to lavish upon you and this generation forth?

I want to end with a true story I read from Marilyn’s book. It’s paraphrased so I won’t insert inverted commas.

A Christian couple had three sons and adopted one daughter. By the time the child was 13, she began sneaking out, partying late at night and the likes. Since the town where the girl was adopted was small, the couple went on an investigation to find out more about their adopted daughter’s background. Not to their surprise, the couple found out that their daughter’s biological mom had her out of wedlock, and her grandmother had the mother out of wedlock too. So they sat her down and explained that to her and told her that if she didn’t make a choice to repent from that precarious lifestyle, he would also end up like her mom and grandmother. That day, she made a choice to accept Jesus and live totally for Him. I personally believe that she did this because she was not feeling condemned but was told the truth-in love. These are people who knew her, who lived with her. We often have parents who abandon their children and years later when they come, they judge what and who they don’t know. Anyway, their daughter made a choice to repent and because of that decision she was able to keep herself a virgin until she got married.

It is never too late for you too, but tomorrow it might be. Jesus is knocking on your heart and He wants to give you a brand new Life!!!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come!”~2Corinthians5:17 Hallelujah

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