Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Prayer Written By Grantley Morris for Sexual Purity

    "As millions mourn the degradation of the environment – your beautiful creation – give me your heart that I might mourn the degradation of your precious gift of sex, the spoiling of which ruins not the area where we live, but our very selves; not just creation in general, but humanity itself, the crown of your creation.
    My heart breaks that instead of you being showered with thanks and honor for your exquisite gift to humanity, you reel in pain as millions throughout history and throughout this globe have used the extravagance of your kindness to ruin their lives and the lives of their victims. Open my eyes to my own abuse of your holy gift. I cringe to think of how many times I’ve lusted or tried to incite lust in others, all the time hypocritically hiding my shame behind the illusion that others seem to have made an even bigger mess of your gift. Have I a distorted view of sex because I have let legalism, the world or my own desires shout down the gentle whispers of your Spirit? Have I in selfish frustration almost cursed you because the sexual cravings I’ve foolishly inflamed could not find immediate gratification? Have I perverted your love gift into an occasion for selfishness? Shine your light in every dark corner of my life so that I might repent of everything I should repent of, and delight in everything I should delight in.
    What matters is not what this webpage says, or the world says, or my conscience says; all that matters is what you say. At times you deem best, bring to my remembrance examples of occasions when my use of sex has pleased you, so that I might pursue such behavior, and show me instances when my use of sex have grieved you, so that my eyes might be opened and avoid repeating my sin.
    I long to honor you for the holy gift of sex you have entrusted to me. Show me how.
    You trusted me with your gift and I’ve abused your trust. I can give you nothing that you haven’t first given me, so my gifts to you are only shadows. Nevertheless, as my love-offering to you, I hand back to you your gift of sex, knowing that unlike the way I have treated you, you will never abuse my trust, knowing that your love compels you to do with my gift to you only that for which I will be eternally thankful. Use my sexuality in the way you see fit. Even if that means I will never for the rest of my life experience sexual pleasure, I know you will use my sexuality in a far superior way than I ever managed and that I will rejoice for eternity in the love and wisdom of your choice for me.

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