Monday, 22 October 2012

21 October 2012

Two months ago I set myself a fasting goal for a month! I fasted three times a week that is, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! During the fast I felt really different from how I normally feel every day since I re-dedicated my life to Jesus! Particularly on a Friday when I was fasting for my sister! I got up in the morning feeling extremely happy but during the course of the day my emotions fluctuated! One moment I’m extremely happy, the next I’m extremely sad! One moment I felt the need for God, the next I didn’t feel like having anything to do with Him! When I got home from campus I got in my pyjamas and headed straight to bed! But while lying there the Holy Spirit reminded me the purpose of this whole fast, to stand in the gap for someone who is not able to pray for herself! I was feeling that way because that’s how my sister felt on a daily basis! She wants to pray but it seems as if something is preventing her from doing so! I still have to confirm this with her though, because I believe everything that the Holy Spirit reveals to me! The objective of this whole fast was the salvation of those I was fasting and praying for! 

Nothing seemed different in my sister’s life after my fast! I was a bit disappointed because I think I was expecting God to move right there and then, but it’s always about His timing! I kept believing and praying for her, asking other believers to stand in agreement with me and believed that my fast was not in vain! God would not just prompt me to fast and not do anything about it! I believed this: that God has already saved her! You must not be moved by what you see but walk in faith! You don’t need visual evidence to believe what God says He can do in His Word! And because of my faith, I never stopped inviting my sister to church! Every opportunity I get with her I tell her something sweet about Jesus! She always made an excuse every time it was time to go to church and sometimes bluntly said no! Countless times during the alter call as people were giving their lives to Jesus, she was in my prayers and thoughts! I don’t know why I got seriously saved during this time in my life! I also don’t understand why I live with the people I live with, or know all those I know, but one thing I know, God has a plan for each and every one of us! It is your responsibility as a believer to influence the world around you that is the plan! Born again Christians don’t get easily influenced but we influence and get people to see the truth! You won’t imagine the many times I’ve had my housemates trying to get me to drink alcohol and other people pouring alcohol secretly in my juice thinking I didn’t see! Here they were, trying to influence me to drink but on this Sunday, they finally agreed to come to church with me, my sister included! Jesus always overcomes Satan; if you believe it you will rise up, start taking authority as Christ’s ambassador and lead the world around you with confidence and boldness! 

As we sat on the balcony, after a life-changing sermon by Pastor At, an alter call was made! As usual, I saw my sister battling with her feelings! Should I go…should I not go…! This is the most critical time in your entire life as it distinct a thin line between eternal life and eternal death! So the Devil will always fight you to accept God’s call! But when we have powerful intercessors in churches, like CRC, the Devil has no chance of winning the battle! Get yourself involved in a church that prays and doesn’t play!!! The alter call had long been in progress and my sister hadn’t moved an inch! I started praying with others all over the church, calling down fire from heaven to consume the filthy thoughts the devil places in people’s minds during the later call! This was the only opportunity I had to exercise my faith, when again, will my sister set foot in the church again! I’ve told her enough about Jesus and this was an opportunity for her to discover Jesus for herself! 

How do you expect anybody to receive salvation from Christ if you can’t even mention the name Jesus in their presence! My parents know this about me, despite all the flaws and mistakes; I still carry on with Jesus! One day my dad walked in from work and found me watching TBN! He got hold of the remote, changed the station and said, why can’t we watch something better? There’s plenty of time for this. This kind of freaked me out because he normally wouldn’t do this. I got up the following day at 5am while everybody was still asleep just so that I could watch TBN, and the days after that! He’d find me lying on the couch every morning watching TBN! “There’s plenty of time for this!” Well, my time was then! My time is now! I cannot keep my mouth shut about the Jesus revolution! All I’m saying is even though you can’t say it with your mouth act it! Spread the gospel passionately for Jesus! My parents know that every time when we they are watching TV, I have my bible wide open in front of me! I cannot hide what is going on inside of me!
See, this conflict my sister experiences is having to battle the thoughts of what others would think or say! What will my friends say! People get saved and don’t testify because of this! They’re afraid of people’s opinions! I have somebody I’ve had sex with reading this right now! I have somebody I’ve sent inappropriate pictures to reading this right now! I have somebody I’ve encouraged to have an abortion reading this right now! I have somebody I’ve encouraged to masturbate reading this right now! But am I concerned about their opinions? No! I have people who have seen me repeatedly falling and standing again in my journey with Christ, who are probably thinking I will fall again, but I am not concerned about that! Do not be ashamed to live for Jesus publicly, that is why He entrusted you with His revelation, not many people know what you know! People will always bring up your past, so what? I had somebody telling me weeks back that I should leave her alone to have sex and enjoy herself because I enjoyed myself when I was still to young! Now I’ve stopped because I’m satisfied so I should let her be! People will bring your past, and yes its embarrassing, it’s challenging, it hurts, but so what? Understand that you are not living for yourself but for Jesus please! Following Jesus is not about you feeling comfortable but about Him reaching the world through you!

After the battle that went on in her mind, my sister finally made her way to the alter call! I accompanied her with knees weak and shaking, streams of tears down my cheeks and shouts of praises to the only Saviour and King Jesus! My sister had tears in her eyes and said to me after the service, “I am really happy today!” All praises go to Jesus and I know that he has great plans in store for her! It won’t happen overnight but I know that God has started the good work in her! And if my sister can’t remember this date…I will always remind her! The 21st of October, the angels were rejoicing in heaven! Somebody told my sister about Jesus! Somebody took the initiative to invite her to church! And somebody will perhaps receive a reward in heaven! Spread the Word, don’t settle to be a secret Christian!
Go throughout the world and preach the gospel to all living creatures!

Two ladies we had an opportunity to evangelize to! They will be joining my home cell this Thursday! Gentlemen...#clears throat#

Somebody has to tell someone about Jesus, and that's what Lebo is doing right here on this pic! 
My sister and housemates finally joining me to church!


  1. you are absolutely correct..the world will use your past to try and dictate your future. Not knowing we are reborn and redeemed through the redemptive work on the cross. I refuse to let my past be a chain. When you fear what people will say you allow the enemy to tell you who you are instead of knowing who you are in Christ. Stay the course TITI :)