Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Help Me Become A Better Christian!

Everybody goes through turmoil times, hardships and challenges! Our faith is tested constantly and our strength tried! Most times we tend to react to the circumstances around us in a way that displeases God-a fleshly way! Whenever somebody gets at us angry, we want to be angry at them too, after all it is only natural! Whenever we’ve got a headache or any kind of pain, we want to dwell in our sickness and lie in bed like victims all day! We become lazy and don’t do what God has called us to do at the right time! Whatever the world labels as normal, we also conform to its standard forgetting that we are different to the world! We are in the world but we are not of the world! We have to live like Jesus, and live a life that pleases God! We cannot achieve it in our own effort that is why each day I say this prayer, “Lord, help me become a better Christian!” 

We will always have people against us, people disagreeing and causing arguments, people working on your temper! Remember that the devil will do whatever it takes to cause you to sin! People don’t think that loosing our temper and being angry is sin! They think that being Christian is based on the fact that somebody doesn’t do “obvious” sins like fornication and drunkenness! But anger, fits of rage, being moody is also sin because they displease God. We have to be on guard against the negative forces against us! Ever since I began asking the Holy Spirit to work through me, I have become a completely different person! God has paralyzed the feelings and tendencies of my old self and they no longer manifest through me! See, the old man is angry, it is bitter! The old me cannot apologize or accept an apology! The old self is envious! If only it could just have what the other person has! The old me is irritated, annoyed by everything that everybody does, the old man cannot love and accept people for who God created them to be! The old man looks at a muscular man at gym, and despite the ring he has on his finger, it still wants him! Be careful that you don't follow in the trap of following the desires of the old man!

I’m calling this old man an “it” because it is an ugly thing that does not exist anymore! It is a disgusting thing which displeases God! The Spirit of God struck, paralyzed and killed it with a sword that is sharper than any double-edged sword! This was possible because of a simple prayer,” Lord help me become a better Christian!” I don’t want to say I’m a Christian because it is what everybody calls themselves! I don’t want to call myself a Christian because I go to church or I update my statuses about God, I want to call myself a Christian and I want to mean it! Being a real Christian is not popular; you become the low of the lowest!  You cannot exalt or please yourself, you are different!  You are a “fool” to the world! Somebody wrongs you seventy times seven times; you forgive them seventy times seven times! God knows that you are not a fool! Jesus humbled himself when He came here on earth and people around him thought that he was a fool. They made fun of him when He was lying there on the cross, in pain and humility! But my Jesus was raised again after three days and now He has power and authority over every ting in the world! Humility! As Christians we have to be humble and love everybody despite their wrong doings! Remember how God forgave you and loved you when you were always displeased him? Remember how many times you fell and yet God took you back and always forgave you?  God is not looking for moody, irritated, angry Christians! He is looking for people who say, Lord in my own strength I cannot forgive or love the other person who’s always working on my temper! But help me become a better Christian! Help me become a better sister and a better daughter! Help me become a better friend! Help me become a better woman, a better South African! 

We will always have forces acting against us, good and bad, it is part of life! But all the time we have to strive to please God! WWJD? What would Jesus do! When you are tried, tested and worn out, fix your eyes on the cross! Galatians 5 verse 9 says that we should not get weary in doing good! We will reap, if we do not give up! Reach out to everybody with love, and by our love, they will know that we are Christians!

Teach me how to worship You Lord!
Don't let my words fall to the ground!
If I'm gonna give you my life, I wanna mean it!
If I'm gonna give you my heart, I wanna mean it!
If I'm gonna give you my hands, I'm gonna mean it!
If I'm gonna say send me, I wanna mean it!
Don't let these just be words...words...words...


  1. Good stuff Tissy and let God continue using u this way.

  2. Thank You Tshenolo! All praises go to God! Be blessed!