Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What good am I if im not good in you?

Today after doing Tae-bo, I found myself helplessly going down on my knees and reflecting on Gods goodness in my life! I couldn't say much, and with tears rolling down my cheeks I said , WHEN I GAVE UP ON MYSELF, YOU NEVER GAVE UP ON ME!
I know that I'm not perfect and that doesn't bother me, because no matter how long it takes, each and everyday in His presence, leads to perfection! :) over the years I have learned that my Jesus is so much more to me!

What good is Jesus unless he's good in you?
Is he faith? No, unless he's faith in you!
Is he joy? No, unless he's joy in you!
Is he peace? No, unless he's peace in you!
Is he love? No, unless he's love in you!

What good is Jesus unless he's good in me?
Is he mercy? No, unless he's mercy in me!
Is he patience? No, unless he's patience in me!
Is he kindness? No, unless he's kindness in me!
Is he healer? No, unless he's healer in me!

What good is Jesus unless he's good in us?
Is he savior? Yes! When we ask him in our hearts!
Is he Lord! Yes! Lord of all the earth!
Is he God? Yes! And evermore shall be!
But what good is Jesus unless He's "yes" in me?

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