Friday, 20 April 2012

Peace, Be Still (Matthew 8:23-27)

Last-night I had a wonderful revelation of this scripture and thought it would be good to share:)
The story of Jesus and His disciples in a boat...
"Jesus then entered the boat that his disciples had prepared and began to travel to the other side of the lake. They left the crowd on the shore."
When Jesus enter the boat, for me is an indication of entering ones heart. We prepare our hearts for Him and let him live in us and with us. Because in Him we live, move and have our being!

It continues...

"As the boat sailed off toward the other shore, Jesus fell asleep in the boat.
While Jesus slept a great windstorm came up on the lake. The waves began to beat against the boat and fill it up with water."...
 At certain points in our lives storms come and we get scared. We think that Jesus is no longer there, why is He so quiet!! Why isn't he doing something when he sees how terrible the pain is. Can he see that woman who is struggling to have children? Can he see that man who just lost his business? Can he see that boy who cant finish school because of financial issues? Can he see that widow who is struggling on his own? But why is he sleeping through our difficulties?...

"The disciples became afraid, to the point of thinking they would be lost in the storm. But Jesus lay asleep at the back of the boat.
The disciples came to Jesus and woke him, saying:
Lord, we are perishing! And Jesus stood up and rebuked the wind and the sea and the raging water."...
 Being afraid is a natural response through the storms right? The mistake we do when we go through hardships though is starting to confess negative words with our tongue. See the disciples ran to Jesus and instead of saying...We know that you are in control, instead of shouting Lord we are perishing! We have heared this so many times and it is true, our tongue has the power of life and death. It is important to watch what we say when we go through trials and tribulations. God promised us that even though we drown in the water, we will not die! Even in the fire, we will not die. He commanded us not to be afraid!

"He said to the sea:
Peace, be still.
The storm ceased and there was a great calm.
Jesus said to his disciples:
Why are you so fearful? Don’t you have faith yet? Oh you of little faith."
Jesus didnt say much because he has great authority over everything! Our God is bigger, way bigger than our problems.Woman, instead of running to the streets to prostitute when you are going through a financial crisis, run to Jesus, He says peace be still! Woman, instead of seducing another man when you are going through a marriage crisis, run to Jesus! He says peace be still! Young man, instead of stealing from other people when you are struggling, run to Jesus he says, peace be still! Grandmother, instead of running to a sangoma when your neighbor is doing better than you, run to Jesus , He says peace be still! Remember that our faith determines where we are going, i could call it the fuel that drives us! Jesus said that even though we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains! Why are you so fearful? Don't you have faith yet? Oh you of little faith!

"The disciples, still afraid, began to marvel, saying to one another:
Who is this man that even the wind and the seas obey him?"...
Yes, I would ask again, who is this man that the seas and wind obey him? Who is this Jesus that one word from Him changes everything around? Well  He is Jesus, the Son of God! He is the I AM! He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent! He is powerful beyond measures. He is the way , the truth and the life! He is the YES to every promise of God. He is my Jesus! I am in love with my Jesus!

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