Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Dying Uncle~

My uncle was a very powerful man in the township in which he came from. Was known by many, and feared by many. He had businesses, cars, one could consider him rich. A time came when my uncle fell terribly ill, he was bed ridden for months!

My uncle had already given up, he was calling death upon himself. His family, he's friends and everybody who cared for him tried being strong for him but it was not easy considering the despair and hopelessness he was in. I for one believe that as soon as you start wishing death upon yourself, then you have given up so much and have let the devil get a grip on you. The Devil came to kill, steal and destroy and he's purpose is to drift you as far away from Gods plan as possible and rob you of your divine joy and purpose filled destiny!

Before I rededicated my life to the Lord, I also used to wish death upon myself. I'd believe that I'm better off being dead than being here. Id believe that I'm too fat, too worthless, too unimportant and all the negative things one can think of. When we pursue the things of this world, the devil will make us believe all the lies he puts in our mind, that is why it is so important to walk in the plan of God. See, my uncle never went to church, my uncle never acknowledged God. My uncle did not fear God! If he had walked in Gods plan, he wouldn't have given up. He would have taken his treatment and looked forward to life. He would have been stronger because he would have understood that he had his children to live for, he's wife to be with and most importantly Gods work to accomplish!

The other day while I was walking to campus a taxi drove past me with so much speed. A thought was in my mind, wouldn't it be  nice if that taxi just hit you and then you die and then everybody comes to your funeral and then you'd  be a victim in the grave? These are the thoughts that used to entertain me before. But as soon as I remembered that I am now walking in Gods master plan I snapped out of it and said, Devil , you are a liar! I will not die a shameful death! I will live and tell of Gods greatness! I will live and full fill the purpose of God in my life! The devil could have taken me when he still had the chance, but right now I am not going to play with him anymore!

You may have all the riches in this world, you may be the most beautiful person on earth! You might have the greatest advantages and all things good, but if you are not walking with Jesus Christ, you are nothing! Jesus said that we can do nothing without him and it is true. Sooner or later He is coming to take his rightful place in your heart. Let Him in as he knocks on the door of your heart and see the wonderful things He has prepared for you. It is not a bribe, it is the truth! Jesus is the truth , the way and the light!

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