Thursday, 19 April 2012

Are you willing to learn? Or are you up for another painful lesson?

While practicing maths in the early hours of the morning a lot went through my mind. Thought of all the events in my life and how I believe that it was Gods will for me. I know for sure that i might have to go through the same hardships year after year if I am not willing to learn, if I am not willing to take this gift that I have seriously. As long as we are not willing to learn, God will always have a lesson in store for us. When are we going to get it? He is not doing it to spite us or to show us how much of sinners we are, but He does it to draw us closer to His will and way. God wants what is best for you that is why He gave you this gift of christianity. Christianity is not a game that we play around with but a gift that we should embrace each day. A gift that we should value, a gift that is worth more than gold! Many are called but few are chosen. Having Jesus in my life means having everything in this world! I love him dearly!

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