Monday, 26 March 2012

An illustration of Gods love!

When I was rubbing kitty’s fur this morning (our cat) I got a revelation of Gods love for me, and everyone else in this universe. Firstly, kitty is a wild cat. We didn’t buy him at a pet store we just saw how adorable yet so lonely he was under a tree and we just decided to adopt him and make him our own. He was still a baby by then and we gave him a name-kitty.

Now, living in a typical black community, people, for some reason thought that we are practicing witchcraft because according to a neighbor, we should just accept that a cat will never be acceptable to the black community. So everybody was always contemplating and plotting to kill kitty. The young children in the neighborhood would come to us asking where that cat is and telling us how they are going to kill it because it eats their doves.

Kitty doesn’t sleep in our house although we built a comfortable little space for him to sleep in. He only comes at a certain times i.e. in the morning when he’s hungry and late again in the afternoon when he’s hungry. My mum would buy cats food for him, my sister would make beacon and eggs for him, my dad would pour him some fresh milk and because nobody really had time to spend with him, I’d sit next to him and rub his fur and take him pictures and try to talk to him.

But you know, kitty remained wild no matter how hard we tried to show him love. I think he couldn’t really trust us because most part of his world was so mean and cruel to him but yet this little part was showing him love and affection. He was so dirty. My mum bought powder to remove the ticks he had. I believe kitty in his mind was like, “how can people love me so much when I’m just a wild thing. I am so dirty but they still rub me. What have I done to deserve this though?” And I believe he didn’t understand anything, so he took advantage of us. He knew he could come to us any time of the day and demand food and leave and come again the next day.

But people out there were very cruel to him. They hit him with stones, beat him with broom sticks and did all kinds of nasty stuff to him. And he’d also leave for days without coming to get his food and nourishment and we’d get so worried and go around the neighborhood asking if anybody had seen him. When he realizes that he’s now hungry or that the world has been too rough for him he comes back to us and demands his food and attention. We get angry at him , and tell him to stop going to those peoples yards for his own good, he doesn’t listen, hes just a cat, a wild cat after all. And because he’s just a little cat to us, so pure, vulnerable and innocent ,we’ll take him back and continue showing him compassion ad kindness…But that’s all we can do for our kitty. We can show him love, beg him to stay here with us, he has to make a choice to listen to us otherwise if continues going out there, he will get hurt all the time and eventually will be killed by the angry neighbors.

Now here’s the revelation….

See yourself as this cat. Lost in the confusion and sin of this world. God sees how lonely, sad and dirty you are. You feel that you are not worth being loved because of the shameful deeds you did in the past. God however, in His loving nature picks you up in that dirt and gives you a name. He calls you precious. Beautiful. Holy nation. A royal priesthood. A conqueror. He doesn’t look at your dirt in fact he washes you with the blood of Jesus Christ and makes you a new creature. However, you don’t really trust Him because of the many encounters of this world. Because of the disappointments, heartaches and pains of this world. it might be disappointments from the higher powers in which you had faith in, or your friends, or your family, anybody. But you realize that this God is different. You go away from Him, he still takes you back. You demand things from Him and you curse him when he doesn’t deliver. You know you can take advantage of him because he’s always willing to welcome you in his arms. That’s who God is. God is not like the rest of the world. He is loving. He will give you many chances because he wants you to experience fullness of joy. He gives people to be in charge of us. The pastor, the friend who just wont stop telling you about his love, the mother who’s always praying for you. So many chances. There will be a time when you have to make the decision to trust and have faith in Him. If you don’t, then unfortunately you will always be hurt and defeated by the circumstances of this big bad world and eventually you will be killed by the enemy.
Love my Jesus

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