Monday, 22 August 2016

I have found my man!!! (2)

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With that picture still at the back of my mind I went back to school in January continuing with my normal life. We had exchanged phone numbers and had added each other on Face Book but it didn’t really mean anything to me.  I just felt the need all the time to thank him for not taking advantage of me sexually at my most vulnerable time. His responses were flattering! Sexual intimacy has become a very important aspect of my life because I have seen how destructive and addictive it is when it’s done carelessly. So when a man tells me that he respects sex as well, he scores a very high mark in my books. He initiated conversations with me on Face Book a couple of times which I ignored or just brushed him off but it seemed as if he showed determination to talk to me. One day I found myself feeling like returning his advances and so asked him how come he didn’t sleep with me that day…on the couch. His response was, “Because I didn’t just want a part of you, I wanted all of you.” These words will sweep any girl on her feet yearning for love! I began taking him seriously now, chatting more with him, praying about and for him, phone calls and eventually it led to “falling in love.”

I didn’t really know the guy except from the few conversations we had and the few days we spent together, but the experience on the couch made me formulate an entire picture in my mind of who I thought he was. The words he spoke on our chats reinforced this picture I had of him. When I went back to his previous Facebook posts I would see him expressing his love for Jesus, and expressing thorough knowledge of the bible. I was swept off my feet! Sure he didn’t have the deep voice that I wanted in a partner, he didn’t have big muscles, he didn’t have the American accent but I was willing to compromise because he had the most important quality that is a number one priority on my list- a love for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Everyone around me now began to know about my guy! My family, my friends, my cell members, my church overseer, my classmates, my roommate and her friends, any person on the street who said I was glowing! Most of the time I would take out my phone and make people read our conversations because I wanted them to see through his words that he was an answered prayer from God. My loved ones saw how happy I was about the relationship, but my church overseer and one close friend were quite skeptical about the idea. They had seen that I was blinded by the guy’s words and I was not really thinking rationally. My overseer said to me once that she understands that I am happy and all, but all that I told her that thus far was all about the guy and not even once about me. She asked me what my goals were before the guy came in my life. She asked me if I was at a point in my life ready to commit to another person. She made me aware that just because someone shows interest in me and he’s saved and goes to church it doesn’t mean that I have to be in a relationship with him, because many of them are going to come. You must understand that I come from a background where I didn’t have any guys approaching me except for sex. So to me this guy was the ONE. And my overseer, though she tried to share some wisdom with me, she just wouldn’t understand!

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