Monday, 2 September 2013

Dr. Myles Munroe's Visit to CRC!

I lay on my bed; reminiscing on the blessed day I had…all I can do is repeatedly say, “Thank You Jesus.” All the way from the Bahamas, God sent His ambassador, Dr. Myles Munroe to bring revival to South Africa! I wonder if the members from Dr. Myles’ church know how blessed they are to have a man who carries such wisdom and power from our heavenly Father? Well, do I know how blessed I am to have such amazing Pastors who daily invest in my spirituality to be more like Jesus? Do you know? Or have we taken our Pastors and the work that God is doing through them for granted? How many people in Bloemfontein had an opportunity not to miss this divine appointment with God? There are divine meetings that one cannot afford to miss! I attended all three services while Dr. Myles was preaching and some of my housemates found that bizarre. Yet I am transformed from those services. They consider that bizarre but they were drinking from Friday until Sunday and they don’t see anything odd with that? Just spending a few hours in church according to them is too extreme but spending all weekend getting drunk and making a fool of yourself is not? This just demonstrates how easy it is for people to waste their lives. If you can only take a few hours from your “busy” schedule just to work towards improving your life by going to church, reading your Bible, listening to Godly advice, you would do yourself a huge favor. We live in a sad world, where people would rather learn the hard way even though easier ways have been made known to them. When you invite them to church, you are under their mercy. When you are transparent about your life and what God has done for you, you are just drawing attention to yourself. When you try to warn them about the consequences of sin, you are being judgmental. When you warn them about the dangers of fornication, you have enjoyed yourself now you’re preventing them from doing the same!

Repent: for the kingdom of God has arrived! ~Mathew 4:4

The battle with sexual immorality continues. After committing fornication there were periods where I faced intense pressure to please my flesh through masturbation. I fell once yet it was so pointless, no fulfilment whatsoever, in fact I felt really empty. A voice said in my mind, “Don’t worry, you can still do it again tomorrow.” How the flesh is never satisfied! How the enemy seeks to draw you away from God by presenting a moment’s pleasure with no fulfillment. And all you do is just draw further away from your Creator! (Oh, the awfulness of sin! Oh, the awfulness of the power of sin! Oh, the awfulness of the consequences of the fall! Smith Wigglesworth).

Three months, and still no physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit in my life. One gets to a point where they want to quit and live like everybody else.  There is nothing that is more devastating than being hungry and not being filled. You get up with so much determination to please God and later you fall into sin, it’s an on-going cycle. Why? Does it have to be this way? Certainly not! The spiritual life is an on-going process of deliverance. (When an unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places seeking rest and finding none. Then he says, I will return to my house from whence I came out, and when he comes he finds it empty, swept, and garnished. Then he goes and takes with him SEVEN other spirits more WICKED than himself, and they enter and dwell there, and the last state of that man is WORSE than the first! Mathew12:43-45).

 The devil is prowling around like a lion waiting for an opportunity to see a child of God fall into sin! A month after re-dedicating my life to Jesus,  the Holy Spirit delivered me from all sexual immorality that’s how it was possible to live an entire year without giving into sexual urges. When a test of character arrived, I fell, and the devil had his way with me. The spirit of sexual immorality brings seven other demons more wicked than himself to that clean temple, hence you can’t stop masturbating, can’t stop fornicating, can’t stop getting drunk, even queer behavior such as getting intensely angry! You need deliverance! When God sends people like Dr. Myles Munroe to South Africa, once in a moments’ opportunity to transform your life, it is imperative that you be there!  God’s Word comes to us by precepts upon precepts. 

During the Women’s conference I was taught to forgive.During the Youth Conference, sexual, physical, and emotional soul ties were broken. While Dr. Myles Munroe was here, I experienced deliverance from those wicked spirits! And now, I can swiftly move on with my spiritual life!

Repentance simply means-Change Your Way of Thinking! ~ Dr. Myles Munroe

An intense pressure to please your flesh arrives. You can always give in, forget about it, and pretend that it never happened. After all, you don’t understand why relieving yourself from your sexual urge is so wrong?  (A person must be able to manage his physical desires before being given authority and power. You must pass the appetite test which includes drink, food, and sex. Dr. Myles Munroe). Some people feel no guilt after masturbation, but some do, and that's simply because God has called them for a greater purpose than to please their flesh. You might not understand why masturbation feels wrong even though the urge seem so intense, but you have to trust God. If you believe that you were born to make a difference in our world, then act like it. Instead of lying in bed and masturbate, rather lie in bed and read your bible. The moment you are tempted get up and pray this has always worked for me. Tell your Father that you desire to please Him more than you desire to please your flesh! Cry out to Him for deliverance. When you give in to sin you will remain unfulfilled, the flesh is never satisfied. Being a slave to your flesh leaves you with no fulfillment, but more sin.  Keep calling out to God, get down on the ground and mourn and weep, cry for that deliverance. I have faith that at the end of your struggle you will be filled! There is no fulfillment in the sins of the world, find fulfillment in the Lord.There was a time I thought masturbating was right and normal, but I've changed my mind about it- I've repented.

Repentance doesn’t mean stop smoking, stop drinking, stop having sex…it simply means change the way you’ve been programmed to think! ~ Dr. Myles Munroe

After discovering how weak I am to sin, I began monitoring my thoughts because I realize that that’s the initial site where sin  begins. When you dwell on your past sexual experiences there will be an increase in your desire to please your flesh. The next thing you uncontrollably give in to sin followed by feelings of guilt and a sense of separation away from your Saviour. Pastor At once said that the greatest deception is to know something, and think that you are doing it. You know from your gut that masturbation is wrong, but you don’t want to stop doing it. Having knowledge about something and not practicing it is no better off than not knowing it at all! We commit sin intentionally intending to take advantage of God’s grace and love for us, but what good does it do if all that sin does is prevent our spiritual growth? You might say, “I can sin now and God will forgive me later”, oh yes He still lovingly forgives you, but make certain you don’t preach anything you don’t practice! Make certain that you don’t fake who you are when no one is watching because Jesus in actual fact, was against  hypocrisy than any other sin mentioned during his ministry on earth.
Three months and still no manifestation of the Holy Spirit. If you think I'm being dramatic go for three months without water or food and you'll understand how thirsty I am for the Lord.  “He that hath my commandments, and KEEPS them, it is he that loves me: and he that loves me shall be of my father, and I will love him, and WILL MANIFEST myself to him!” John 14:21. Jesus manifests Himself to people who love him, and keep His commandments. You should not be content with living in sin and going in and out of church to make yourself feel good, seek the manifestation of God in your life!

Here are the commandments among many others:

1) Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth, FORNICATION, uncleanness, inordinate affections, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry. (Colossians 3:5)

2) This is the will of God, even your sanctification that ye should abstain from FORNICATION. (1Thessalonians4:3)

3) FORNICATION, uncleanness, or covetousness, let it NOT be once named among you. (Ephessians5:3)

4) Flee FORNICATION. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that commits fornications sins against his own body. (1Coritnhians7:18)

“When I was young, because I was the most famous teenager in my city, and good looking too- girls always threw themselves at me, but I did not give in because I knew what I wanted to become. Vision determines discipline. If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll do anything with your life! Everyone decides what they become so don’t blame anybody for your predicaments. You have a choice! I knew I couldn’t drink alcohol because it will destroy my liver, I couldn’t smoke because it will destroy my lungs, and I couldn’t have sex outside of marriage because it will give me a baby that I can’t pay for! There are reasons why God has set the law to stop fornicating. He wants you to enjoy your memories and not have regrets. God wants you to live a good life by having good memories, and some of you; your memories are so tragic! The minute somebody asks you for sex before marriage they are no longer your friend; they are a distraction, a demon! A true friend is one who will help you get to your destiny. If anyone wants to do anything that stops you from your destiny, he’s an enemy!” Dr. Myles Munroe

Let us be grateful that it pleased the Lord to take us out of the world of sin for His purpose. You might not be where you'd like to be yet but thank God, you're not where you used to be! Living pure is a daily struggle but I believe that God will deliver us day by day. God will hold us up, He will make us stand! Just hold on to your faith!

Change me Lord, and I will give You all the credit!

Multitudes gave their lives to the Lord! Revival came to Bloemfontein, South Africa!

Managed to capture Dr Myles Munroe while he was preaching. I really praise God for his life!



    1. I agree, Dr Myles was a good bible teacher

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    4. Dr Myles is my life coach as his teachings still helps me to grow un all areas of my life even now!.He was really a TRUE ambassadar of God.He really died empty!(Medics Mmeli from Bloem)

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  2. Thanx sana u have changed some thing in my life.......b blessed

    1. Hi glad, great to hear that something has changed in you!