Sunday, 18 August 2013

Youth Conference( A pledge for Sexual Purity)

Words cannot begin to express the life changing Youth Conference we had at my wonderful church CRC, hosted by my spiritual parents Pastors At and Nyretta Boshoff, and a guest speaker from New Zealand, Pastor John Cameron. When we experience something phenomenal we always want to share it with others because it’s just impossible to keep it to ourselves. It’s so advisable for people to attend such conferences though, because hearing it from others is not the same as experiencing it personally. You need to be there and not let a divine moment pass you by. It’s amazing how a ticket worth a few rands can change the course of your entire life and keep you set forever. In my personal point of view I would say that there is possibly no way for anybody who has attended the conference to have their lives remain the same. Not only was the Spirit of God hovering so mightily around the place, but there was also vital information and knowledge shared with us. The purpose of this blog is to share some knowledge that I acquired and feel that it’s relevant for the theme of my blog which is the stand against sexual immorality.

Before the conference I was just going through life’s motions, trying not to be “too much expectant” in matters of spiritual growth, only to fool myself you know. All this was because of the fornication I committed about two months ago. It was extremely hard tapping into God’s presence so I constantly felt discouraged, wondering if I’ll ever have this hunger for God in me satisfied. (Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Mathew5:6). Some things are easier said than done. It’s easy for somebody to say, “God has forgiven you, now forgive yourself”, until they fall right into sin and have to bare the Devil’s scornful mockery in those silent nights. It’s easy to say “do not quit” until you get into the same race and run it. The race for sexual purity is not unto the swift but our Lord has commanded us to be strong and courageous because He is with us wherever we go. 

Nothing is as beautiful and as powerful as living PURE! ~Pastor At

Many topics were covered during the conference such as self-image, dating, and sex outside of marriage. While Pastor At broke soul ties with prayer I felt instantly delivered from the attachment I had with the person I committed fornication with. Once again God has poured His freedom all over my heart; I am no longer attached to any man either spiritually, emotionally or physically. From today on, I believe that I will experience the power of God and His presence so mightily, not being bound by demons of unbelief, fear, lasciviousness that always attempt to pull me backwards.

My Confession based on what I learned from the conference
Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. I now understand the purpose of my body and that is to glorify God. I am God’s priced possession, my body belongs to Him! Masturbation? Fornication? Pornography? All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient. All things are lawful, but I will NOT be brought under the power of any! I have reclaimed the territories that had been set, I reclaimed my boundaries! I have been restored and now I keep myself for God’s best! God has a better future for me, and He knows the best man for me. I’m not saying this because I think I’m better, I’m saying this because I am different. I will not let anyone look down on me because I’m young, but I’ll set an example for others by walking in purity. I look forward to the day I cross my finish line!

No matter how good it feels, sex outside of marriage will bring ruin into your life!~Pastor At

I’m surrounded by a mass group of young people; our one hand is on our hearts the other one raised high. We pledge for purity. There is nothing as devastating as being taken for granted by a mere human being. There’s nothing as terrifying as having to take countless pills because of a sexual disease. There’s nothing as painful as having to go through a termination of an unwanted baby. There’s nothing as worthless as gaining your whole life in fornication yet losing your own soul! So I pledge for purity. Lord please help me keep my body pure!

Sex outside of marriage is deeper than just a moment’s pleasure. Everything that person carries, you carry with you. There is no protection when there’s sex outside marriage. It’s not only a moment of pleasure; it’s a moment of insanity, a moment of attraction when things are being transferred. One wrong person, and suddenly…your whole future is ruined! But when you come to God He will restore you, He is a Father of second chances. ~Pastor At

 Arno Botha, Rugby player, with Pastor At

Miss South Africa
Celebrities being exemplary to the world by living loud and unashamed for the Lord

Almost two months ago I found myself trapped in the sin of fornication. It has been the most devastating two months of my life. But I’m finally free; and all it took was a divine moment in a conference. You can also receive freedom wherever you are. Let us be a youth that stands up for what is right! In the midst of a crazy and confused world, let us uphold our Father’s standards and stand for purity! (Some believers become comfortable living the double standard, enjoying the reputation of righteousness while continuing to dabble in the sins of the world. Of course, the common observation is that "everybody is doing it", but the truth is NOT everyone is doing it! It doesn't matter if everybody is having sex with everybody else, everybody is cheating on their taxes, and everybody’s lying about nearly everything. We are called to live a higher Standard; we are called to be different! We are no longer part of "everybody!" All of us want to be liked by others, but if we are in Christ, we are going to have to face the fact that people in the world aren’t going to understand us and many are not going to like us. Bishop T.D Jakes)

Walk with pride, live with dignity, and you will become the envy of the world! ~ Pastor At

Many young people get messed up because they get physical in their relationships. If I lived on regrets one of them would be the fact that I gave myself away to people who did not even care about me. But like I always say, we go through stuff so that we can have a story to tell. This testimony could save your life if you learn from it! 
At the conference

Thank You Jesus for healing my messed up heart, repairing my damaged psyche, restoring my sexual purity, and fixing my broken life!

Be not deceived, no fornicators will inherit the kingdom of God. All things are lawful unto you, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for you, but don't  be brought under the power of any. Your body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for your body. Don't you know that every part of your body belongs to God? Will you now take parts of your body and make yourself ONE with a man who is not your husband? One flesh? One spirit? One destiny? God forbid! Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits fornication sins against his own body! Don't you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost? Don't you know that you are not your own? You have been brought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body!! (See 1Corinthians6:16-20)


  1. Awesome and powerful!! Thank you for sharing. I'm a single adult (divorced) and live a sexally pure life and it feels great!!!

  2. that's so awesome! thanks for reading too!