Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Working on your character5: Leave sin

People cannot progress in their spiritual life simply because of the sin that they’re holding onto! I got born again when I was twelve years old but was actively participating in sin throughout those years; therefore, I could not produce the fruits of being Christian! Sin has nothing to do with Christianity, it is of the devil! A Christian who wilfully sins displays a wrong message of Christianity and this is a disgrace to the pureness of God! One of my cell members complained about a certain pastor who impregnated another woman while still dating her friend! Her concern was this: If pastors are doing this then who should we trust? I believe that we become messengers of the gospel because it is a calling, so we have to do it with the right motives! A person who has personally experienced the touch of God cannot continue sinning, it is impossible, so yes, beware of false prophets! We have to make certain that before we stand in front of mature, challenging, experienced persons; we have no desire whatsoever to still live in sin and have nothing embarrassing or inappropriate that they can hold against us! 

One way I strive to get rid of sin

A Christian must have a desire to be clean from sin! Want it, seek it, and hunger for purity with passionate desperation! (Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God…Mathew4:4)
I have made fasting a priority in my spiritual life because it is one way I get to remind myself that I can no longer allow sin to be part of me! Sin blinds you from seeing the necessary steps you have to take in order to fulfil the vision God has for your life, it also shuts your ears from hearing God’s clear instructions! The Holy Spirit constantly tells me to seek God, to seek Him with everything that I am! To refrain from food and seek Him from the depth of my spirit! During this time when I’ve emptied my belly, God fills it with rivers of living waters! God breaks every sin and fills me with the sweet Holy Ghost! During a fast, God removes the garments of pride, anger, hatred, boastfulness, pride, doubt from you, and clothes you with garments of righteousness, holiness, and purity! When you read the Word and fast, you learn more about yourself and how desperate you ought to be for more of God and His cleansing power! 

Sin is serious, and so is fasting! 

No man who’s involved in sin will see the point of keeping away from food in order to seek God, its supernatural! I have discovered that once sin has its grip on you it’ll be quite difficult to move on and that’s the whole reason why you have to feel and endure the pangs of physical hunger, it is just a reminder of how desperate you are to have inbred sin plucked out! Fasting has nothing to do with the food that you are not eating but everything to do with your longing for a sin free life! So when you fast don’t be motivated by worldly achievements, like the amount of weight you are shedding off, be motivated by the amount of sin God is shedding off your new man!
Sin pushes you away from God, fasting pulls your closer to Him! Realize the effects of sin on your journey with Christ, and on the other hand, do realise the effects fasting has on your spiritual journey with Christ! Nothing can prevent God from working in the life of a disciplined Christian, disciplined enough to stay away from food, something that seems so insignificant yet of so much significance and power! I went through a ten day fast once and like everything that God has called us to do, it was not easy! Many days I felt really weak and wanted to give up but I’ve learned that when my body is weak, that’s when I know that am strong! I experienced moments where the devil tried convincing me that there is no point in all this, everybody is eating, why keep my commitment when  I don’t even see any physical results yet, but I’ve also learned to trust God’s Word:

“I will sprinkle clean water upon you
Ye shall be clean from all your filthiness
From all your idols, I will cleanse you
A new heart also will I give you
A new spirit will I put within you
I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh
And will give you a new heart of flesh
I will put in my spirit within you
And cause you to walk in my statutes
Ye shall keep my judgements and do them”! (Ezekiel 36:25-27)

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness…2Timothy4:7

Pastor At has been preaching about getting bigger and better, climbing mountain after mountain as a child of God! I have applied the principles he teaches about to my fasting! Each period of fasting gets me bigger and better in my journey with Christ Jesus! I have set myself a calendar and have certain days on which I fast on, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I am determined and disciplined enough to finish my race and become bigger and better, free from sin! Each fast deals with the untouched issues in a Christian’s heart, the bitterness, the jealousy, the pride, the boastfulness, the sexual lust and all those sins that I’m so desperate to see gone! Are you troubled with inbred sin? Die daily, fast, mourn, and be desperate for a new heart! The Holy Spirit will dwell richly in you; remove your filthiness and your idols! He will free you from sin and purify you, just how God intended you to be!

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  1. "So when you fast don’t be motivated by worldly achievements, like the amount of weight you are shedding off, be motivated by the amount of sin God is shedding off your new man!" - this quote right here was awesome....Great teaching