Friday, 14 December 2012

Working for God...

Who can work for God?
I thought that it was other “stuff” that could make my toes curl! (clears throat), but I witnessed them curling as I slowly re-read this verse from Isaiah 55:5 until it sank in my heart and my spirit, “ Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nations that knew not thee shall run unto thee because of the Lord thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he hath glorified thee.”
This doesn’t seem real! How could God possibly appoint a person with such a past as mine to be a witness, a leader and a commander of nations!? Nations? Blacks and whites? Male and female? Children and adults? South Africans and Americans!? How does God stoop so low and chose one to be His ambassador?  ( But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrews 11:6). God is pleased by faith! It has nothing to do with your talent, the house that you live in, your phenotype, but God appoints people who have faith to work for Him! On certain days after an intense prayer session, I feel such a heavy anointing on me that I walk slowly to the bathroom mirror expecting to see some change on my physical appearance, you know, some kind of glory and glitter upon my head! I then discover that I am still the same in fact not even a pretty side to see because I’ll have watery mucous running out, sweat, red and swollen eyes and tears all over my face! See, change happens in the inside! If I want change in the outside I simply have to go to gym, eat my veggies and use good skin products! And perhaps if I want glitter, I should apply sunshines on my head before I pray! The physical appearance means nothing to God! I thought that I had to lose weight first, or get several degrees, or prove myself to somebody before I could start working for God but now I see that God is just looking for somebody who believes totally in Him! (When God says something and you believe it, we can consider it a done deal! Guillermo Maldonado). You can start working for God today regardless of where you come from, where you’ve been or what you’ve done! It doesn’t matter how you look like, God is ready to work in your life!
And the attitude....
One day as I was walking back from campus it started to rain! I was just from posting an article from my blog which is a major constituent of my ministry at the moment! Walking in the rain, I pulled that victim face...”Oh I hope God is looking at me right now, walking in the rain just for His kingdom! I deserve a laptop, I’m such a victim, I’m a good person, I walk in the rain for God!” I acknowledge the sweet Holy Spirit who lovingly always corrects my errors! We do God’s work because of His goodness not because of our goodness! The work we do for Him can never amount to what He deserves because of who He is so we might as well rejoice when we do something for Him! Christian writer, enjoy the pleasure of having that pen dance all over your paper!! Walk in the rain and instead of complaining and whining and looking for pity, praise Him! I realise that God doesn’t need me as much as I need Him, it’s not like I am doing Him a favour as I work for Him but simply fulfilling my purpose which gives me fullness of joy! (Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation. Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky! Philippians 2:14-15). People change, seasons change, things change, but your commitment to God must never change because He is a God who does not change!
In who’s named do you come in?
I was so excited and joyful one morning as I wore my new shoes which I brought the previous day! I felt so blessed that I even placed a quarter of my old shoes in a plastic bag hoping to bless somebody who was less fortunate than I! This was also an opportunity to demonstrate the kindness of the Father! Just as I was walking up John Chard Street a man who looked rather simple was walking opposite my direction! I stopped and said, “Hello, what are you doing in the street, are you selling stuff?” He was carrying plastics so I just asked that to start a conversation! “No, I’m picking up litter”, He answered! “Awesome”, I thought to myself! “Just the perfect candidate!” “Here are some shoes”, I said presenting the plastic bag to him, “Im sure you have sisters which you can give to!” With a smile he accepted them, thanked me, and I walked away! “Titi, you walked away!!!?” Without even mentioning the name Jesus!? Anyone can be kind! A rich atheist can give shoes to people when he’s fed up of them! Any person from any religion can give to the poor all in the name of their god! And who’s name do you come in? Your charity, kindness, and giving to the poor has no value if it’s not attached to the message of the cross! See, the power is in Jesus and not in your good works!  What good does it to do when you give people material stuff and not give them Jesus? ( Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2). “Next time”, the Holy Spirit said, “say this: Hi, Jesus has blessed me so much, so I thought I should also bless you with these! Do you perhaps know this Jesus that I’m talking about?” Flow with the conversation until you finally lead Him to salvation because that is the whole purpose! It is easy to give out anything, yet hard to mention Jesus because we fear persecution! But if you are to be persecuted, it should be because you come in the name of Jesus and not because of your nasty attitude! Be persecuted not because of your kindness, or your holy act, but because you have caused a stirring in the hearts of people with the name of Jesus!

“Shout His name out...JESUS!!!”
A deeper look at your faith...
During the Christmas outreach we went around in three’s ministering to the people on the streets and knocking on people’s doors! My focus was primarily on the kids, while my partners, Thabiso and KK, focused mainly on the adults! We went into one house where I found a little deaf boy who obviously couldn’t talk or hear! (Lay hands on the sick who will get well...Mark 16:18). The Holy Spirit reminded me of that spirit as I helplessly looked at the boy sitting on the couch playing with whatever he had on his hands! Being so shocked by the encounter, I just walked back to the kitchen where Thabiso and KK were ministering to the adults! “There’s a deaf boy in the lounge, go lay hands on him”, I whispered to KK!  Wow, did I have no confidence in the anointing God has placed in my life that I even had to ask somebody else to do my job!? See, God wants faith that acts! In my room I’m always fired up claiming that I believe every word in the bible but when an opportunity arises I shrink back! Working for God is not a game, it is real and it requires real, genuine faith! When you obey the commission you get to know exactly where your level of faith is! And that was when I saw that I needed to cry out for more faith, fast more if I have to! Faith as small as a mustard seed! Faith that moves mountains! Faith that laughs at impossibility!
 (Part 2 of working for God will be up soon, be on the lookout!)


  1. Love the transparency of thought. It's like we take a look inside your mind and share and experience what you experience. It's great to go along with you on your journey as we embark our own. Bless you sister