Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dont give up! Dont give in!

For a Christian who has grown accustomed to the cycle of falling and getting up in this journey, expecting another fall and actually falling again is quite “reasonable” to them! Especially when they are in the midst of difficulties, pressure, overwhelming temptations and conflict! Especially when they feel that they have endured for such a long time, one single fall won’t hurt! Those feelings are actually a catalyst to draw you to prayer! Through the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit I have personally developed a very strong character that not so many Christians have-perseverance! Holding on to the cross despite what I go through or how I feel! I always imagine the woman with the issue of blood, how she crawls in through the crowed, desperately desiring to get a hold of Jesus’ garment! That is the kind of character you must have as a Christian: like the woman with the issue of blood, keep pressing in! 

Exams can be quite stressful for any student who wants to make the best out of their lives!  The pressure, the fear of whether you will make it too! I received a BBM text from one of the most hardworking student s I know and she was complaining about the exams and how tough they are! She also told me that she had failed one of the exams already and how defeated she is! Hearing this from her kind of gripped me in fear! I also wanted to join in and complain and have a pity party, remind myself how “big” my exams are compared to God! But forever thankful for the Holy Spirit who always brings to remembrance the promises of God! We were writing another exam later on that day and she continued to say, “I’m aiming for a re-assessment in this next exam!” I could have just easily said, “me too hey!” After all, she always gets better marks than me! But I said: “I am actually aiming for a pass! I trust my God to make a way where there seems to be no way! And even though I don’t pass, He is still God and I will continue worshipping and loving Him!” See, when you understand your position in Christ, and exactly who God is, you will still be singing the same song in your sunshine and in your storms regardless of the situation and pressures you might be going through! 

The other day after my exam I felt terribly down! Helplessly lonely, unloved, unwanted, ugly, rejected, unappreciated-you name them! I felt so empty so I went to my room and knelt because I understood that this is the kind of void that only Jesus can fill! Sometimes we want people and our own feelings to make us feel good about ourselves and the work we are doing for Christ but people are not always going to be there! Sometimes feel like I fail my blog readers when they send me a long heart felt text and all I can say is “thank you!” They want encouragement, but I cannot always give them the encouragement that Jesus can give them! I feel like I fail my mom when I miss her calls and can’t get back to her, and she persists on calling! I’m not always available for her but Jesus is always ready to answer you when you call to Him! And that is what made me go back to God after my exam and call out to Him: “Hear my voice when I call, Lord; be merciful to me and answer me. My heart says of you “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek. Do not hide your face from me, do not turn your servant away in anger; you have been my helper.
Do not reject me or forsake me, God my Saviour. Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.”(Psalm 27:7-10) This is the promise I have in God; He will never reject me even though my leaders in the church might find me annoying because I reprimand them of their victim mentality! There will be days when your church members find you annoying, days when you will irritate your family, days when your boyfriend/girlfriend won’t always say what you want to hear them say! There will be days when you feel like nobody understands no matter how much you try to get the message across, days when you feel abnormal from spreading the gospel of Christ! You won’t always have people cheering you in your journey, some not intentionally, but always remember who’s got your back!  And when it feels like God is really silent, remember the encouragement He gave you through his children! The Holy Spirit took me though some of these messages: 

  •  Hello! I Hope your doing well. Your such an inspiration i read your blogs on a daily basis and you inspire me to be a better person not only for me but for my God as well. Your testimonies on how you learnt to love yourself besides all odds are truely inspiring i wish i had your will power i wish i was as strong as you are. I just want you to know that someone somewhere looks up to you and is constantly motivated to better themselves because of you! Thank you so much for your blogs. Much love
xoxo zinhle Kim
  •  Hi sis, I'm very thankful to have met u in my life.  Your motivation has kept me strong and focused in what God wants to do in my life . I love you so much and I want you to know that you are a wonderful motivational sister. I read your blog and I feel more and more inspired girl. May the almighty God bless you more and more daily. Tanks a lot! Samukelo
  •  Hi sis, hope u had a lovely day,I just feel it will be good for me to let u know of what God the master is doing in my life. The last time I was so stressed when I talked with you,I prayed so much and I believed GOD for a great break through. I've asked God to give me something that will take my mind away from the situation I was faced up with,GOD is doing amazing things for me I'm working and I'm 100% sure that nextyear I'm gonna start with my degree I wanted to do long ago. I want to thank God for allowing me to know you,I pray that He fills you with power every day. Keep on doing the great work that you are doing. I'm thankful for you. Gudnite BE blessed always.
  •  Be blessed God has a big plan for your life, you are a blessing in our lives. Moga mapogo
  •  Wow.....I hav been soooo blessed by your blog!God knows how much I hav needed to be reminded of the things u write:)!All Glory to God for using you to touch so many lives!He turned Your Great-Mess into GREAT-NESS:D!!Tiiset­so you are blessed and continue to hold on to God...May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you at all times:). Dineo Lekoma
  •  Please never stop blogging.I read your blog and it was exactly 3am. The Holy Spirit is working through you. I'm blessed God is love. I love you so much, its like you're an angel sent from God. Everyday when I read your blog I'm filled with joy and tears. RefilweBonokwane
  •  I read your blog, if I could post a comment it would say "Thank You for being brave enough to share your wisdom and faith. I have done exactly the same thing in the past and after reading your blog I am convinced that its time for me to review my list and renew my spirit with The Lord. God Bless you!! CJ
  •  I think you're one of the best bloggers of our times. Blessings! Nomcebo
  •  Your blog has been a blessing to me. I pray that God gives you the strength to continue because you are anointed. Anita andrew nok
  •  Tissy I wept after reading your blog(why I chose Jesus to men) you really inspired me. Much love to you sis. Amy Josephine
  •  wow, I am deeply touched by ur writing. It is so amazing to be vulnerable and put ur past out there for ppl to read and feel a thing of wetha their response is good or bad. I know exactly how you feel, I sometimes still feel a nudge of negativity or my past trying to creep in. Ur words r truly inspirational and they couldn't have come at a better time. God works in mysterious ways I tell you and this is 1 way of Him showing me that he is there with me no matter what. I liked the part where u said even if u don't have a nighty on u rush to go fetch ur gown just so u can be clothed in His presence but He assures you that he loves u with ur clothes on or off. I'm literally holding back tears hey, it feels as if somethings stuck in my throat I don't want to cry but when ur in Gods presence everything just seems to fade away as if He sees ur heart. Thank you because as women we need that 1 person who's going to stand up and say u know what I may have done so any wrong things but my Father in Heaven still Loves me and is waiting 4me to come to Him. Once again thank you, and may God keep and Bless you.
    Love Saucy
  • I love your blog sis, very inspiring, transforming and everything in between...keep it up♥ Mmathapelo
  •  Your blogg is realy touching hey..  I admire you Titi, God is going 2 do wonders in ur life.. He is already! I thank him 4 making me cross paths with u and ur sis.. I udnt have been exposed 2 such an amazing power! But I gues it was his plan.. God bless you! (From my sweet brother in law)
I appreciate you ladies!

And ofcourse I have a sweet friend and minister whom God has placed upon my path, he encourages me everyday, it will take a whole book to write it down (working on that), Andrae:-) 

No opposition beats this kind of encouragement!  God always sees you as a hero even when you feel like you amount to nothing! And the best part about it all…He doesn’t have feelings that fluctuate, He remains faithful to what He promised! These people's feelings might change, but always remember the effect you have on a single individual!  And yes, there will be days when no one’s cheering on you, there will be days when you feel like you are not doing enough, or you are not recognized, but God sees you! Be of good courage and don’t give in, don’t give up, don’t settle for a fall because of how you feel! When you are weak you are strong!!

"A thousand compliments from people
isn't as good as one "well done" from God."


  1. TITI you have been my first and and still constant source of inspiration to write my blog. I read countless blog posts before I made a comment. I am always thankful to God for bring our friendship together. Your transparency and devotion is unmatched. Your praise to God is your praise and your prayers to God are your prayers. No one can duplicate you and I am thankful that you are exactly the way you are. Keep blogging always remember that this is your ministry and to take this with pride and humility. We are here to serve His people for the harvest is plentiful but laborers are few. Keep laboring. Do not give up or grow weary for your labor will not be in vain. Love you and bless you