Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Power of A Praying Woman!

I’ve been having a strong, burning, desire lately to spend more time in God’s presence! It is such an honour because time spent with God is the most valuable one could ever have! Big visions and great potential come with a greater responsibility! A responsibility you cannot handle on your own, with the knowledge of knowing and understanding that the only way you can carry it through is by going back to the giver of the vision! What’s the point of talking about your vision if you do not talk to the one who placed it before you? No point at all! You have people watching you as you claim to be Christ’s follower! Some of course are enemies waiting for your downfall! Others are people who are so jealous about the work God is doing in you that they can’t even find it in themselves to compliment you! And there are those who really cherish and honour your calling! They encourage, lift you up with their assurance, and hopefully pray for you! For the sake of all these people, you have to be so rooted in God like never before! Like a tree planted by the rivers of waters who’s leaves do not wither! Uttering two prayers a day, personally, isn’t enough for me because I understand exactly the kind of potential I am carrying within me! I am not even close to being strong on my own that is why I constantly have to draw strength from God plenty of times on my knees! Lord knows I get intimidated easily! I mean I used to be intimidated by my own parent’s presence before!!! Now how would I possibly stand in front of a nation and proclaim God’s Word? On my knees I can say, God, speak for me when I cannot speak for myself! Stand up for me when I cannot stand up for myself! See, something has to happen behind the curtain! Behind the loud, public prayers, there are also private moments, weeping and calling out to God! Behind the scripture status updates on social networks, there is also intense and innumerable time spent studying and meditating on God’s Word! It’s not just enough to publicly display your love for God, just like it’s not enough to remain silent about it! 

The other day I was walking through the student center with one of my leaders in church, discussing our leadership strategies-just to sound more serious! All of a sudden we hear loud music play and bang, right in front of us, people jumped from I don’t know where and began dancing! This got me thinking throughout the day! These people are not ashamed to embarrass themselves; they don’t mind looking like clowns in a crowd of people! What would just happen if I also jumped on a table and start preaching Christ boldly with no shame! Trust me, I can feel it coming! But I won’t be able to do it in my own strength! Jesus said in John 15:5, “You can do nothing without me!” On my own I’m scared of rejection, embarrassment and being a laughing stock, that is why just two prayers a day isn’t enough for me!
I was asking God the other day: but what is it about this black book written “Holy Bible” in the front? Because really, I don’t get the big deal! What is it about using my mouth and lips and utter simple words to God? It is something I cannot fathom but do know that the two combined build up tremendous power! I mean it doesn’t even require sweat or working out! It doesn’t require me to cram huge terminology like in biology! It is just as simple as going down on your knees and saying, God, I need you! How simple can it get?

Managed to capture a glimpse of the show
that went down in the student center!

When this desire to pray and spend more intimate times with God arose in me, I thought that I could perhaps be over doing it! Sleepless nights on my knees! Mornings before I go to campus! Evenings before I sleep! Every moment throughout the day! This is what Paul meant in Ephesians 6:18, “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” When you discover your vision and purpose, you cannot afford to spend your time on worthless things like staying awake through the night, having sex chats on social networks, but rather seeking to know God more! Your focus should be on knowing Jesus more! He has given you a vision but what do you do with it? Become intimate with him, you are his bride and he is your bridegroom! You are married to him and are carrying his “children” in your spiritual womb! Spending time in God’s presence helps you discover your spiritual gifts! In fact, the many times I always get something to write about are when I’m down on my knees; this helps me carry out the work I was ordained by God! Not only do I explore my gifts and potential, but I also get an opportunity to fall in love with Jesus over and over again! I remember back in the past I used to have a boyfriend whom I “totally loved”! I always wanted to please him! When he said “jump”, I would say, “how high!!!” When he said, “you have gained weight”, I’d be depressed and tell myself that I’m obese! When he didn’t approve of my hairstyle, it made me feel so ugly! I never wanted to step on his toes! And whenever he told me that he loves me, it gave me the greatest feeling in the whole world! Now imagine how good it makes Jesus feel when you spend an hour in his presence just uttering the same words: Jesus I love you, I want to know you more! You are giving him a platform to trust you with nations! You make him feel good although he doesn’t have to feel good because whether you like it or not, he remains good! 

There can never be enough time in God’s presence! Sometimes I just want to read my entire bible in a day, but the Holy Spirit assures me to relax, there’s still plenty of time! Sometimes he makes me meditate on the same scripture for days and weeks, and I get a bit impatient because I want to know more about this God I serve! “Relax titi! We have more plentiful intimate moments coming!” This is certainly the best relationship one could ever have, cherish it! Allow God to reveal to you the mysteries of His kingdom through prayer!

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