Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nothing Compares to The Promise I Have In You!

Lord knows I am no judger, but it troubles and pains me so much like a bee sting when I see Christians saying negative things about their lives! I thank God always for the kind of faith that he has given me because honestly, it is out of this world! I understand that in this life I am going to go through hardships, I am going to go through seasons of loneliness! I am going to go through days where I don’t have all the money I want but that doesn’t mean I succumb to a victim mentality! I sang this morning with passion, Kirk Franklins song, “my life is in your hands” and I don’t have any worries about anything! I know who’s got my back, I know who looks after me, I have no identity crisis and nothing compares to the promises I have in Jesus! No lack, no infirmity, no failure, no loneliness, no past!

There are days when I don’t feel doing God’s work! I felt that way on Sunday when God told me to write something for my blog! The energy: having to write and think in the process! Having to go to campus, type it, check grammar, it all takes energy! I was extremely tired on Sunday after church, I hadn’t slept all night; I wanted to rush to my room and rest! But God told me to post on my blog; I obeyed because the Holy Spirit has taught me one thing:  that it is not about me, but all for God’s glory! I have learned to put everything aside and be honest with God: “Yes I am tired, I don’t feel like going to campus and type all this but your promise says that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength! My strength is renewed because I wait upon You God!” And I go about doing my daily business and God will then be glorified, souls will be won for His kingdom! This journey is not about me doing things when they are convenient for me but obeying what God tells me to do at all times!  

For me it is the saddest thing to see a born again, tongue speaking, church going Christian to speak any negativity in their lives! They carry around with them an energy that drags others around them down! A lady who’s always complaining about a headache, you even know when they approach you, here comes the lady with the headache and guess what, they don’t even surprise you!  I get headaches too and I’m sure many Christians do, but I know what God says about my headache in His Word, hence I won’t go around telling people about my condition! I get up and say: Thank You Lord Jesus because by your stripes I am healed!! What is so difficult about that!!? Instead of glorifying your sickness won’t you glorify your healer?  Psalm 104:1-5 says,” Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—
who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s!” Why is that so many people fail to understand the benefits of Calvary?! When I do experience a headache I don’t even ask the Lord to heal me because I know that He has already healed me, I just believe and thank Him! That is the kind of faith we should have as Christians! Are you waiting for your sickness to subside before you will start believing that God is a healer? What kind of trust is that! Now, I am not ignorant at all, I do go through hardships, and I do tell God about them but instead of publicizing them, I cry out to God about them! It beats me to always see a Christian complaining about the same old thing, headache, tomorrow headache, the following week, headache! Well how do you expect your condition to change if you glorify your headache more than God’s promise? Christian please; know your identity in Christ! Understand what Jesus did when He cried out on the cross, “it is finished!”  

I went to the grocery store earlier on with a 20rand note! I was not worried or scared about anything because I know that I will buy whatever I want and it will be enough! This is my faith, faith that moves mountains! I bought my apples, I bought my apricots and I still had change left! I know I can go to the grocery store and buy anything I want and not fret because I know that my God is my financial adviser! Now you will see Christians going around with negative attitude professing how broke they are! Week after week! And these are the kind of Christians who are expecting you to buy things for them and give them, yet that can hardly give you a glass of juice or surprise you with a sweet when you meet! How do you expect not to be broke when firstly, you say it with your own mouth, and secondly, you can’t even give but always expecting others to give! Don’t you know that the bible says that it is better to give than to receive? Listen, you might not have a lot of money, but what you have is enough! I might not have anything to eat today, but when I go back home I’m fresher and healthier than someone who had their fried chips in the student center! I might not have the nicest clothes or dress smartly but praise God I have clothes covering my body every day! I may be feeling tired and weary but thank God when I’m weak I’m strong because I have Him in my life! Shift your problems and complaints to God’s promises! The kind of faith that we should have as Christians is the kind that will make a tree uproot itself and throw itself in the water, the kind of faith that moves mountains! Does that sound sane? No, yet Jesus requires us to have that kind of faith! Don’t be moved by what you see, but by what you know and if you don’t know, read your Word more! You can go to church Sunday after Sunday, you can be the loudest when it comes to praise but if you don’t change the way you speak, then unfortunately there will be no change in your condition! The broke will always be broke! The sick and dying will always be sick and dying! The depressed will always be depressed and drag others down with their negative energy!

So many people don’t understand this; I also didn’t at one point! I wanted people to feel sorry for me, Oh poor blogger with her sad stories! Oh here comes the girl who was not loved by her mother! Until the Holy Spirit was frank with me and said nope, in this business, we are not victims but victors! We don’t look for pity but we bless those around us! People with a victim and negative attitude are always grumpy, feeling more important than others because it is all about them! "They work hard!" "They study hard!" They do this and that! But tell me, who doesn't go through all those things! This is what distinguishes a christian from a non-christian! We attract people with our joy to the kingdom of God! I know who I am! My personality is in the fruits of the spirit! Love, joy, peace, patience… Now when I’m tired and somebody asks me, “How are you?” I say I’m great! Deep in my heart I want to lay down my depressing stories and feelings, but how can I attract somebody to Christ if I’m always negative? Hence I always go back to God and settle matters with Him! In the mornings I claim my benefits of Calvary and I go about living life with a swagger as my Pastor At would say! People want a manual or read a book on how to: but the Word says it all! “Let the weaklings say I’m strong!” (Joel 3:10)  Let the poor say I’m rich! Let the lost say I’m found! Let the blind say I see thank God for my faith because it is the kind that says, “Good things are not heading my way, they are already here!!! Read your Word and spend time with Jesus, then you will always have the right things to say, building yourself up, and building those around you up! Blessings!

I'm blessed, I'm blessed! Blessed to be a blessing! 

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  1. this comment right here sealed it for me...

    I get headaches too and I’m sure many Christians do, but I know what God says about my headache in His Word, hence I won’t go around telling people about my condition! I get up and say: Thank You Lord Jesus because by your stripes I am healed!! What is so difficult about that!!?

    I know people like this and I am wondering the exact same thing...Great Post TITI!!!