Monday, 15 October 2012

Hearing Gods Voice!

Church last night was on another level! I’d call it a level for mature Christians! A mature Christian in my definition is someone who avoids sin because they understand that sin defiles them and keeps them away from going any further in their Christian walk! Another definition I’d give is, a mature Christian is someone who is not afraid of losing themselves in God’s presence! Through Pastor At, God last night was confirming that He has been with me throughout this whole journey! It has been a journey with lots of decisions to make and I was currently in the middle of making another serious one! Yes, I’ve heard the voice of God speaking to me for the past couple of weeks but it gets confusing when you’ve already placed your energies on something else especially when time, money and other resources are included! This was a big concern for me and God was telling me that all that has been lost will be replaced, but still I was sceptical! We did not have a “normal” service last night at church! Pastor At said that, he can feel that there are people who are confused about the path God wants them to take! They have heard God’s voice, but they are not sure! They are on the right path, but they could be ignoring the path God has called them into! He said that the feeling was so strong that it felt like a bird tapping on the window with its beak! You know how unavoidable that tap is right? I knew that God wanted to make this clear for me because I have spent countless times praying about it! Standing on the promises in psalm 16: I have set the Lord always before me, and because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved!  He will show me the path of life! The more Pastor At talked about it, the more I knew that God was talking to me! Pastor At said several times, “listen to God’s voice; listen to God’s voice…”!  

We all have some sort of decisions to make daily, some are minor and some major! Even having to post this was a major decision to make, but you cannot ignore God when He speaks! I remember earlier this year before I rededicated my life to Jesus I had had a tube inserted inside of me to prevent me from falling pregnant! After having the tube inserted in me I bled every day! This was really troubling me until I decided to pray about it! This was before I completely gave my life to God but because I knew that really no one could help me, but God, I had no choice but to pray! See, we want something bad to happen before we can go back to God! But like the woman with the issue of blood, when all else fail, and everyone looks down on us, we can press in and touch Jesus’ garment! Praying gives God the chance to speak to us, we invite Him to our situation and that’s when He said, go and take out that tube inside of you! I was not certain then if it was God speaking to me, but now I know it was! There is something distinctive about His voice, you cannot ignore it! “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” (John10:27) I tried ignoring the voice because I was scared that I would fall pregnant! What if I get drunk and a mistake happens? What if the condom bursts? I refused to obey his voice because I thought that I would live in fornication for the rest of my life! I went on with my life until the bleeding got heavier! I had to see a doctor! When I got there, I told her my problem and she was quite shocked at the amount of blood that was coming out! She checked me up and told me that there’s nothing wrong, and I’ll be fine! I knew that nothing was right because every time I went to the loo and saw blood it stressed me! As I was getting ready to get dressed, God spoke to me again, “Take that tube out of you!” She had already washed her hands and I really didn’t want to have anything go inside of me again but the voice was so strong that I could not avoid it! “Is it possible for you to take this tube out,” I asked her! Yes, she said, but you will have to pay! I said, it’s okay, please take it out! I could see on her face that she did not want me to take it out! She asked, why? I said, because I will never have sex again until I’m married! She thought I had lost my mind or playing with fire or something but she took it out anyway! What a sense of relief I felt when it was no longer there! The weight that had been pressing down on my shoulders was taken off and although I did not know what I was doing by then, I’m glad that I obeyed God when He spoke to me! A day or two after that tube was removed the bleeding stopped! Now every time I go to the loo and I find no blood on my panty, I’m always reminded of what God did for me! Just by simply obeying His still small yet powerful voice! 

“Listen to God’s voice…!” When Pastor At was emphasizing this throughout the entire service, I knew that God was not speaking only to me but to many other “mature Christians” in the church! When God finished speaking to us, we started praising God with shouts, jumps, claps and waves! The mature Christian is not scared of doing this because he knows exactly what God has done for him! Now we have people in the world, who come to the church to be spectators because they don’t understand what this journey is all about! They don’t understand the significance of hearing God’s voice! They sit there, with legs crossed, flipping their hair, and look around as if they are watching a show! If you want to be a spectator you should go watch Zahara’s concert at Calie Human and stop wasting your precious time watching mature Christians getting blessed! I get crazy in God’s presence because I know what He has done for me! If you have a problem with my loud prayers, then well sister, tough luck! If you have a problem with my dance in the church, well then brother, tough luck! If you have a problem with my BBM statuses, well then sister, too bad! And if you think that I am crazy in the church then you should see me in my room! I am crazy about Jesus because he saved me from this crazy world!

I thank God for the “serious” time we had in His presence last night at church! Hearing, listening and obeying God’s voice is the most fundamental thing in your journey with Christ! Religious Christians can’t stand this: they don’t understand that God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise! I am no longer the same, confused person as I was yesterday, God spoke to me, and He confirmed all that He has been calling me to do last night at church! This is the biggest present that He has given me for our six months anniversary! Knowing what I was called to do here on earth and having a voice always guiding me in the right direction! Praise God!

"What you say "yes"to will enable you to answer the call of God! What you say "no" to during journey will enable you to finish strong!!!"~ Pastor At


  1. listening and following God's voice are two totally different things. Im thankful you continue to do both. It's not always easy to follow what God is telling us to do, especially when it's not what we expected to hear..Good post :)