Sunday, 7 October 2012

God the same yesterday, today and forever!

When I got back home on a Friday night from the closing ceremony of the CRC Dream Week conference I discovered that I had lost my key-again!!! Okay this is no new thing, and I hate to admit it, but for some queer reason I always have to lose my keys! I don’t understand how they got lost at church though! But who knows, I do crazy things when I praise my God, I must have thrown my bag into the air without realizing it! I was so tired and drained and all I had on my mind was a quick shower and go straight to bed! With so much disappointment I looked thoroughly in my bag, removing everything one by one, hoping that it would be hiding somewhere in there! Nope, it was not!  A part of me just wanted to start cussing and complain and blame God but the sweet Holy Spirit who guides me into all truths kept my peace! It was a Friday night, and I was only going to get another key on a Monday morning from the office-again, because I still don’t know my key number!! I made peace with that and started to sing praises to God! Tomorrow will take care of itself! 

 I was all sweaty and sticky and all things disgusting so I seriously had to bath ! So I decided that I’ll bath in the commune’s bathroom!  It was disgustingly dirty and it almost got me annoyed! But thank God for the Holy Spirit who’s really my guide! He told me to just clean the bath, pour the water inside, get in and just relax! Ok that’s what I did, reminiscing on the great week I had! When I got out of the bath I wanted to leave it as dirty as it was but the Holy Spirit told me that I am different, I have to do things differently! So really with no energy I cleaned the bath whole heartedly! 

During my time in the bathroom I thought of praying for a key to come down at that instant moment, because I really needed a comfortable bed and other stuff from my room! But you know those little doubts we get? How will a key fly from heaven? This is not magic? But see, when Jesus brought down manna from heaven for the Israelites to eat, nobody said it was magic right? I just dismissed the thought though and contemplated sleeping on the couch for that night because my sister’s room was locked, and she probably hadn’t come back from work! When I was about to get out of the bathroom God clearly spoke to me and said, “Take out the bathroom key and go open your room with it!” I did that and whoa it opened! Okay now, there’s something about this God that I serve…

The following day I went to my sister’s room and told her about the key story! She exclaimed, “No ways!” I said yep!!! In Isaiah 30:21 the bible says, “And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.” Can you see that God is always speaking and we have to listen? He will guide you along the best pathways for your life! He will advice and instruct you, if you put all your hope in Him! She said no ways titi, that key doesn’t unlock the door to your room! See, my sister lived in that room the whole of last year, and like me, she somehow always loses her keys! She said, she had tried opening the door with the bathroom key and it never opened it just doesn’t open! I said well, it opened! God clearly told me to take the key and go unlock the door! She was really shocked and this made me praise my God! He doesn’t have to send down a key flying from heaven but He literally unlocks doors that were shut! He changes the mechanism and structure of man-made resources just to make a way for those who worship Him! “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”(Luke 18:27) Now when I get up to pray I know who I am talking to! When I walk around and go about doing my daily business, I know who is watching over me! My sister said, “There is something about God…”

I’ve lost my key a couple of times; in fact I was once locked outside my room for three days and nights! I went into that bathroom, I saw that key every time, but never did I think of using it to open my door! God speaks when you leave everything in His hands! I wanted to complain and say, “God you know I’m tired, you know how I lost my key, why didn’t you tell me to look on the floor before I left the church!” I was annoyed at the dirty bath, I was tired and drained but I just decided that I won’t let the devil steal my praise! See, when God has done something great in your life, the devil will try and do something to get you to speak or act against God! He will get you to complain and forget what God has done for you! He will use people to work on your temper just so that you forget what God has done for you! I mean I come happily from church all the time and sometimes I get people just being nasty to me! But I have made up my mind! This joy that I have, no man can take it away from me! This vision, this destiny, this legacy, the devil cannot take away! He might do it all, but I will forever give praise to my God! Never from my mouth will a single cuss word come out intended for God because I know that He makes all things beautiful in His time! My God opens doors for me!! God is real and I am so excited and joyful about the mysteries of His kingdom that He is going to reveal to me! You should too, because God can work something serious in your life that you never imagined! It’s only been five months and already I am penetrating into the holy of holies! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!


  1. God is just doing amazing things in your life. What you just did was show obedience, temperance, humility, a servant attitude and a stewardship of Gods grace. You have grown into quite the soldier for Christ. Just think had you not been obedient His spirit may have never told you to use that key. You are absolutely right; when God's spirit speaks we need to listen. Just like in my blog "Comprehension is not a requisite of Cooperation". we must do and just trust God all the way. Awesome testimony sis. :)

  2. lol thank you bro:-) Bless you always!!