Monday, 10 September 2012

I See A Tree!

When you were a kid you always dreamt of becoming something? I wanted to be a doctor, my sister wanted to be a business woman (I don’t know how someone could have loved money at that age!), but she already is a business woman in the making and is going to be great! A close friend of ours wanted to be a social worker! There is just something about children that makes them believe that they can accomplish any achievement in life! Growing up for some children though is not an easy ride! We make bad choices, we befriend wrong people, we get involved in wrong relationships, we participate in wrong activities and all of a sudden, the perfect picture we had while we were still little vanishes! All of a sudden we become driven by despair and what seemed to be a gift becomes a complicated disaster! I was extremely confident in my childhood years, not teenage hood -don’t confuse the two! I was confident, free-spirited, and happy-I believed that I was “miss universe” and I actually got my entire family to call me that! I did not settle for less, it was either my way, or no way! After so many years of continuous mistakes, Jesus came into my life and rekindled the hope and confidence I had when I was still a child! He untangled any complicated string and gave me a greater vision to His plan and purpose for my life! Once again, I am confident, free-spirited, and happy and yes, I do believe that I am miss universe! Psalm 18:28 says, “You, Lord, keep my lamp burning;
    my God turns my darkness into light.” Indeed God has shone His light in my life and gave me a reason to live! 

While Jesus was on earth, he knew that He was something special! He probably didn’t understand but that didn’t stop Him from boldly proclaiming, “I am the light of the world!” “I am the way, the truth and the life!” I am the bread of life…the living waters!” “I am the Shepherd!” I can’t help but laugh imagining the Pharisees fury!  An ordinary carpenter’s boy claims all this? A boy who was born in a bush claims to be the Saviour? When you walk in the amazing plan of God you tend to feel what Jesus felt! You know and believe that there is something special about you! You boldly proclaim who you are and what you are going to do! When the world does not understand and think that I have now gone haywire, I know deep down in my heart that there is something special in me! There was Jesus with multitudes and important people against him, but that didn’t stop him from professing his greatness, his gift to the world! Perhaps he could have not understood, all he knew was that he was a servant serving a great God! No matter how retarded he sounded, he knew that He was walking and working through God! The greatest thing about walking in God’s plan; you are secured! Psalm 105:15 God says, “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” You don’t just make plans without involving God! That would be like an empty vessel making the loudest noise! Jesus talked like that because he knew that he was on God’s side! “I want to be a great business woman!” “I want to write a book!” “I want to travel the world!” You want to accomplish all these things but you don’t involve God? Trust me you will keep wanting and wanting and wanting until your time here on earth is up! 

I get up each morning and I know that there is something special about me! I walk around campus and know that I am God’s chosen! I sit around with people and I wonder, do they know who I am! I carry a testimony with me wherever I go-Jesus set me free! He has made me a head of the nations! A people I have not known shall serve me! As soon as they hear of me they shall obey! Strangers will submit themselves unto me! See, I know that I am carrying within the womb of my spirit a ministry that’s going to change the world! I don’t think so, I know so it is a fact that I have dealt with! I became obedient to God’s call and He chose me so that I may bear more fruit! A bush girl from a four-roomed house! Somebody who has been in and out of different relationships!  A woman who had children out of wedlock! A divorced woman! A woman who has no education! God uses anybody who wills!!! Speak up, be confident about what God is doing in you, it will manifest later and those who did not believe in you will say…aha! 

You would do yourself a great favour if you began seeing the bigger picture! You are not just a person filling the earth, polluting it with your carbon dioxide, being an empty vessel that just makes noise!  If you are not going to work hard in your studies or at you work then you better start working hard in your spirituality! Dig deep ditches! Make God’s word your number one priority! I am at a point where carrying my bible to campus is a necessity, reading it in public is no more a shameful deed!  I’m at a point where telling somebody my testimony about Jesus is a necessity! I’m at a point where depriving myself from some nice sleep is imperative because I understand what this life is all about! I don’t see the results immediately but I press in nonetheless, God has spoken about my future! Just like the child I was years ago, I have so much faith that I am a gift to this world and all things are working together for my good because I love my Creator! 

Do you perhaps feel as Jesus felt today? Is there a woman in South Africa who knows that her life is worth more than what is visible now? Do you know that you are carrying within you a ministry that could change this world? People are cursed out there! Fornication, AID’S, divorce, sexual immorality, poverty, mediocre, depression! Your ministry could bring change to these hopeless situations! God is counting on you to accept His call and break all generational curses even in your own family! You are the solution! As you press in daily, Jesus will step in! You are the spiritual doctor that the world needs! You are the business woman that can provide for those who are less fortunate! You are the social worker that can lead people in God’s truth! You are the solution!!! The time has come and the time is now for a worshiper to stand up and worship God in truth and in spirit! The time for playing church games is out of fashion! South Africa, rise up!

The other day in the middle of the night, just like many other nights, the Holy Spirit desired to worship God! Now I always knew where the vision of the tree was coming to but the image I’ve always had was nothing compared to the revelation I got! In a huge area of green grass there stood a tree producing fruit! The fruit was so much that it filled the entire region of grass! From one fruit there came out much more fruit which ran across the river bank, out into the world!  God kept this tree for such a season! The wood cutter came and was permitted to cut all the other tress but was not allowed to come near this one! Yes, he was allowed to hurt it a little bit with his axe but could not destroy the seed God planted! God knew that there was something about this tree! God chose this tree to bear much fruit! The world would not comprehend but many nations will be fed by the fruit of your seed! Make a decision to follow God and live life like you mean it!

"If you feel anointed to change the world, do it in the name of Jesus!"


  1. Wow my sista you have hit the nail on the proverbial head. This right here....This right here is the exact drive that I have come to know and accept in my life. I spent hour after hour day after day trying to understand God's purpose for me and one day he told me...and I got scared because I didn't believe it could be possible nor how would I even go about it. I blamed my past faults and even some of my present faults on the fact this cannot be accomplished. the one thing that helped me walk in this was what my dad said to me one day. He said "You don't worry about what you dont have; all you do is pray that the Lord provide you with what is needed to carry out the task and then you walk in that knowledge by faith." he said " you have to trust in the Lord; do you go kicking and screaming?? or do you go praising God for the journey and just enjoy the ride" It was these words that helped me say to the Lord OK I am done running away. I am walking in the vision you have laid on my heart and I am doing so with the hope that you will provide me with whatever is needed to complete the task. It has been such a journey with the Lord. My strength has grown, my faith has grown, My joy continues to grow. I am more confident and secure in my identity in Christ..not myself...not what the world sees me as, but what the Lord has place in me. I am a child of God I am an heir to the Kingdom. I am royalty and I am blessed. I am loved, I am more than my mistakes and failures in my past. I walk in this truth day by day. I proclaim my God more boldly every day. I keep my word with me all the time. If I can carry a phone everywhere I can carry my bible everywhere. I keep my word close to me. This blog has given me such great joy that I just can't thank God enough for you and your ministry.

  2. Be tripled blessed my brother!!! :-)