Tuesday, 11 September 2012

and so it begins...

So I am sitting here wondering a bunch of things. Wondering if doing this blog is something the Lord wants me to do, wondering if what I say will be of any help to anyone, wondering will I even have anything to say. I prayed before I started writing as I do even before I read my bible or write a sermon or preach; I pray and ask God to bless this ministry and everyone that comes in contact with it. That is what this is ya know, a ministry. The Lord put this on my heart earlier this year to do this and even then these same worries came up. What changed my mind now you ask. Well actually it comes from my friend TITI (the senior editor of this blog). She and I conversed back and forth about her blog and how I found it by accident (so i thought) and how I had been hooked ever since. See the thing that kept me here is her sincerity and honestly about herself and her ever growing relationship with the Lord. There is no fluff or filler just her and her Lord. And so after numerous writings back and forth she kept asking me to join her in writing; and so here I am.

A little background I guess is in order. My name is Andrae like Andre just with an extra a lol. I am a licensed minister in Frankfort, KY for the last three years. Mind you I am no different and I have just as many pitfalls and troubles and questions as the next person. I am a divorcee, twice, I am an ex lot of things...to put it mildly. See one thing the Lord has revealed to me is that my transparency is my testimony. Some people would say that I shouldn't say to much about myself because people will use that against you; and I would definitely agree. That is where spiritual discernment and wisdom comes into play. But I honestly feel that the Lord allowed me to go through all the mess i went through these past 34 years simply to see how much I needed him and to be a testimony to someone else.

So as an intro topic what would I first say was the beginning thing for me? I will start off with the scripture Philippians 4:11 Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned that in whatever situation I am to be content. This scripture for me has been the theme of my whole journey this year with the Lord. Content, like the scripture Paul says I have learned as in to say that this was not an overnight thing. This mindset, this declaration took time to come into form. people think they know what to be content means but I would like to put this definition of the word...1. independent of external circumstances; 2. sufficient for ones self, strong enough or possessing enough to need no aid or support. Now this right here only makes sense biblically when you add verse 13 alone with it. For I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. The reason why i say that is because looking at the definition alone and verse eleven you would think Paul is on some self power trip of his own will, but yet if you read a little further you will see that he is interdependent on Christ in order to be content in all situations and circumstances.

this is what I am learning this year. I rededicated my life back to the Lord for good Jan 3 of this year. I begged the Lord to change my heart and to create in me a new heart. I no longer wanted to be who I was and I wanted to live for you completely. I want to be the man of God you have called me to be, i want you to be enough. That last part I think is when the Lord was like "oooook I see you want to get serious now" and boom I am sent into a tailspin of events and circumstances that would normally tear a person apart. And yet the Lord kept me. it was not easy and it took a lot of prayer and reading my word and memorizing his promises and believing that God will make a way for me and even if he doesn't make a way for me, he will still never leave me alone. This truth gives me strength. See as believers or even as a people we get so caught up in circumstances that we forget that God is the one who provides the increase (1 Cor 3:6) and without him nothing moves forward. No matter how bad it gets I have learned to be content with just the Lord alone and his promises. That right there is enough!!

I mean look at it like this. I got Christ almighty and his word, vs the world. I got the same God that says i am the same yesterday, today and forevermore (heb 13:8) and then u got the world, which changes on a whim. The world can love u one minute and despise you and cast you to the side the next. But God he never changes, the only reason some of us may think he changes is because really we are the ones changing and God is not changing with us...Yea I know that just stung but it is the truth. We want to have God move when we move and be who we want him to be and yet it doesnt work like that. We didn't create him he created me so who should be following who?

Take great comfort in knowing God IS all you need and that being content will come the more you are content with just Christ. This is the starting point for me. This right here is what helps me stay strong in the Lord and through everything life throws at me. I pray that this will be a great beginning for some of you or build your faith in just being content with God with others of you.

Be Blessed!!

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