Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Who did Jesus come for?

Christians were called to imitate Jesus, but has it been that way with the many Christians you know? A vital question to ask myself: Am I representing Christ correctly? Out of the many religions we have in this world, Christianity is the most despised by non-believers and I believe that it is this way because Christians tend to lose the concept of Christianity! Many might think that being Christian is all about being an active member of the church, saying loud and long prayers, giving out your best offering! Although this is good, Christianity goes far beyond all that! It is not something that you follow because well…everybody is doing it, or because you are just in need of a higher power to follow! Follow Christ because you believe that God has deep heavenly mysteries to manifest in you, to you and through you! Once you find your purpose as Christ’s follower, it will come to a knowledge that it is not about you, but about Jesus reaching out to those who need Him the most!  You are just blessed enough to have Jesus revealing mysteries directly to you through the guidance of the Holy Spirit so use that opportunity to reach out to others! Who are these “others”?  The unbelievers, the sexual immoral and all the wilful sinners! Not many Christians want to associate themselves with such people because they perhaps feel that it is none of their business, or they are too holy! They would rather make time for those who are “on fire”, those who never miss church, and those who don’t commit obvious sins! But I believe that Jesus expects us to reach out to those who are regarded as the lowest of the lowest, with love!

I remember years back when I awkwardly told the woman who brought me to Christ about a disturbing sexual dream I had! At that time I was still trying to find my way into Christianity and I needed some sort of guidance! She did not say much but rather asked me if I think about sex? Honestly, I was not! In fact, the reason why I told her about the dream is that I wanted to break free! We never had that conversation again because I just felt that I was too unworthy, I shouldn’t even be having these kind of problems as a “strong Christian!” I believe that she had my best interest at heart but I also believe that had she followed up on me, checking out my progress, asking if I still have those kind of dreams, it would have helped me a lot in my spiritual walk! I received a message from one lady months back! Telling me her situation and how she yearned to be free! Although I prayed and advised her, I kept following up on her! I did not care whether she thought I was irritating her or I’m all up in her business, but I had to assure her that she’s always in my thoughts! I went to bed almost every night looking at her picture and saying to God, I believe that you can do a phenomenal work in this woman’s life! Few days back she texted me and this is what she said:
 “Hi sister eish long time!  Tjo sister thank you so much your advice is working Girl! God is doing wonders with my life thank you so much. My spirit is at peace thank you so much. God bless you. Thank u girl.”
I’m so glad for the great work God is doing in her but I don’t want any praise or unending thank you’s!  I am just a vessel who let God of the impossibilities use to reach out to those who are in need of spiritual freedom! Our duty as Christians is not to remind those that are still struggling with sin about their weaknesses but to remind them that they are loved unconditionally by God! They are already hurting; they don’t need your judgement! The most painful event I’ve experienced in my life is having two Christians making fun about my crisis and literally laughing at my face! To them I was nothing! I could never be close to the “righteousness” that they were! There was a point I had lost God’s direction and I had nothing but Christians distancing themselves from me! The best they could do was to gather around and gossip about me! The best they could do was to pass me holding their bibles and not coming to find out what the problem might be!  They don’t take you seriously because you are not the ideal Christian that they want to have! You get drunk and they don’t! You have sex and they don’t! Well…who knows what goes on in their hearts?  Who knows their motives?

My sister once asked me to pray for a certain situation and told me that she didn’t feel worthy to pray and believes that God will rather answer my prayers because I don’t drink and do all these other stuff! I advised her never to look down on herself! The same love that Christ has for me is the same love that He has for you, for the same person you are judging today and for the person who is regarded as the lower class! When I was still living in sin, I continued praying and it eventually worked for me! Although I had other Christians disregarding me, calling me names, judging me, I continued praying and it worked for me and I’m certain that it will work for somebody else out there who is in need of God’s touch!  You will be surprised of what God can do in the lives of those you don’t take seriously! 

Who did Jesus come for…?

On the Sunday evening service during the alter call, a young man in filthy rags went to the front! My heart was filled with so much joy as I said to God: I know that you can do a mighty work in this man’s life! See, not many people will take him seriously because they want  smartly dressed people or people with lots of money but Jesus came for such as these! The poor and the homeless to give them a home and riches! Jesus came for the woman who was once known as a “slut” to transform her into a virtuous woman! Jesus came for the sexual immoral to transform their immorality into purity! Jesus came for the man who was once known as a drunkard to share his testimony! Jesus came for the government that permits girls as young as twelve years to have an abortion by encouraging proper usage of condoms instead of advising them to wait until they are married! Jesus came for the person who gets the urge to go to church every Sunday although he struggles to break free from sexual sin! Jesus came for people who are almost on the right path but are need of an extra push to get them where he destined them to be! It has been less successful and these people end up despising Christianity and going back to their old ways simply because as Christians, we are not representing Christ correctly! Instead of love, we extend judgement! Dare to be different from others! The world already has enough Christians who are rude and judgemental, we already have enough name callers and mockers, we already have enough religious Christians! We need Christians who are more loving, kind and compassionate to the world!

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