Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nothing But Your Plan!

The Holy Spirit reveals Himself more in Christians lives and teaches them God’s way as they walk deeper into Christianity! Christianity not in a sense of religion, but as ones acknowledged lifestyle!  Last night during my evening prayer, I felt a rather huge gap between God’s presence and I. I wondered, have I gone back to that lonely phase again? What does God want me to do now! Shouldn’t I be comfortable sleeping in warm blankets every night? Should I give some of my clothes to the homeless? Anything to bring God’s presence back! I laugh as I write this because we Christians have this mentality that we have to always bribe God in order for us to feel Him working in our lives! Often, it is our own errors that disconnect us from God’s presence and as a matter of fact, God never moved a single inch away from you! There will be instances where you won’t feel his presence yes, instances such as forcefully praying and fasting for a non-believer! God will sometimes place the non-believers feelings in you for that period of time so that you have an idea of how that person feels like on a daily basis! But you would know, and when that is not the case, the “vanishing” of God’s presence usually indicates that the time has come for you to start making some serious prayers! Nothing but Your plan!

This week was the launching of my cell group under the leadership of my awesome church CRC! And this week I have been getting in and out of leadership meetings, working with all these wonderful people!  Now because I’m new and excited, I tend to want to please my leaders by being at every gathering! It is God’s desire for a Christian to interact with other Christians but for the right motives! As I try so hard to please my leaders I find myself not spending quality time alone in God’s presence and not being productive in my studies! Yesterday while busy updating my blog I received a text from one of my leaders at 18h30! It read, “Run to Akasia, leadership conference!” I was caught between finishing what I had started on my blog which is a major part of my ministry at the moment or running to Akasia to be with the other leaders! Although I was quite sceptical about it, I left everything that I was doing and ran to Akasia. Akasia is a name of a student residence on campus by the way! Sneaking in slowly and quietly at the back I sat next to one of the ladies! They handed me a paper that required me to fill in my schedule from 5am to 5am the next day, for each day!!! For the lady who texted me this could have been fun but for me personally, it was a waste of time! I asked the lady sitting next to me what purpose does filling in this schedule serve and she said “it’s a schedule, just fill it!” Not having a pen to write with, let alone the energy, I quietly left! Maybe she thought that I was demon-possessed and couldn’t stand the heat in God’s presence-that’s a BIG maybe!

There are two types of Christians that I know! Christians who feel that they are more important than everybody else, they  intimidate others by their mood swings, controlling and bossy attitudes, and those who are so fearful of them that they would do anything to please them! It is good to be respectful and obedient under leadership, but it is not ideal for you to unconsciously worship your leader! It’s amazing how people fear their leaders more than they fear God! When God requests us to get up in the middle of the night to pray we become so reluctant, but as soon as a leader asks you to come running to Akasia, at the last minutes, we leave everything we do and run with our maximum speed! Why?  Are you trying to get approval from your leaders? Why?! Are you trying to get them to confirm that you are a “strong” Christian? This morning just after midnight I knelt down before God and asked Him to talk to me! I think I’m drifting away from His original plan! I find myself running from point A to point B and at the end of the day I have not accomplished anything! I can fool myself and sit in a conference where I’m totally bored and think that when I get out of there I will be renewed! It is great to be a leader but be one not because of people’s opinions and gestures about you but because deep down in your heart you know that God ordained you to be one!  I came to a realization that in order for me to be that effective, wise leader that God called me to be, I’ve got to spend as much time as possible in His presence! Being an adequate leader is not about running from home cell to home cell! It is not about running to a conference at the snap of somebody’s finger in order for you to prove your Christianity! It’s about spending innumerable time in God’s presence alone because that’s when He rebukes your errors, changing your weaknesses into strengths, pouring a unique anointing on you and developing you into that great leader that He wants you to be! Yes I saw my error and it prompted me to get up this morning and declare: Today I am making some serious prayers!! Let me put away my victim mentality on the side for a while and begin saying prayers concerning my character, attitude and motives! Let me stop feeling guilty about what God has blessed me with and start asking for forgiveness for trying so hard to be approved by my leaders! Today I’m going to stop casting demons for a while, I’m going to stop declaring blessings for a while, but I’m going to say…Lord nothing but your plan! 

It is absolutely normal for a beginner to be excited about the leadership journey that he has overtaken! But be sure not to lose the plot in the midst of your journey!  As you advance to greater heights the devil continues to set traps for you! Not the obvious ones like fornication or drunkenness, but traps that will lead you to become prideful and boastful! When you get Christians who intimidate you by their controlling behaviour and looking down on you, you would want to do all that it takes to prove yourself to them but just rest assured, you never have to try hard! Be you!  If being 24/7 every day at church makes somebody else happy, it doesn’t mean that it has to make you happy! Be careful of falling in the trap of worshiping mere servants of God while you should be worshipping God Himself!  I told God this morning that you have brought me this far and I don’t want to lose the purpose of your plan now!  Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight!” When you stand on this scripture you will not feel the need to want to be liked by people! You won’t feel the need to go around blabbering about your problems for people to feel sorry for this “poor Christian!” But you will work your way to your certain place with humility and courage! Understand that God doesn’t need arrogant, boastful, controlling Christian leaders but humble servants of God! A leader is not busy running around trying to please everybody but busy working diligently building his spiritual, intellectual and physical man! Don’t be so busy pleasing people that you find yourself having such little time to explore your calling in God’s plan!


" I forgive those who have manipulated me. I especially forgive pastors and Christian leaders who have manipulated me. Forgive me for manipulating and trying to bewitch others. Forgive me for practicing white or black witchcraft, and I forgive others for practicing witchcraft against me. Forgive me for being a Jezebelic woman or an Ahab man. Forgive me for charming, sorcery, speaking a spell or incantation, speaking a curse or practicing magic. Forgive me for excessive control, rebellion, threats, violations of rules and refusal to submit to authority. Forgive me for envy, jealousy, lying, sowing discord, flattery and the love of money. I break curses of manipulation and witchcraft. I break soul ties with those who have manipulated me. I break demonic holds from organizations who have controlled me. All these things I do in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Master and Savior."

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