Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My Womb is Barren No More!

A day of so much expectation! A day of so much hope! During intense worship, sweat covering my back and heat all over my body Pastor At called people to the front! This was a different form of alter call as Pastor At described it! God revealed that there is somebody in the congregation who feels really pregnant in the spirit! “There is something that you are feeling right here,” he said holding the side of his tummy! Run to the alter call we want to pray for such people who are hungry for God! Knowing that I had been feeling that way for the past five days, I literally ran from upstairs to the alter! I did not care who was watching me as I ran but I knew that I was one of those people that pastor was talking about! Some people feel that way perhaps, but they refuse to run to the front. They tell themselves that they don’t need to go to the front but believe that as they stand there God will touch them! But I personally believe that when God tells the pastor to tell people to come running to the front for something that He wants to do, people must really stop being so conscious about themselves, leave the laziness and spirit of shame or pride and do what God says we must do! I admit that it gets a bit awkward at times when I am less drunk in the spirit! Who is watching me? What are they thinking? This should be the least of your worries though when you walk in God’s plan, loose yourself in Him! Go crazy if you have to go crazy, the people around you might have a problem but never mind them, they don’t understand what goes on behind the scenes as God works in you! 

It’s not always comfortable walking in God’s plan! The awkwardness I feel having to invite people I used to get drunk with to my home cell! The awkwardness I feel when I have to pray for such people!! Running from the balcony to the alter call in a church filled with thousands and thousands of people some know my deepest darkest secrets and the sinful lifestyle I used to live! Having to go around my suburb evangelizing, inviting people to church…people who already know so much about me! I am sure you are wondering why I say a lot of people know so much about me? Well we had a huge party in the beginning of the year and almost everyone around Brandwag attended! I won’t get so much in detail because the story is right in my blog under the heading: “Kings Should Not Drink Wine!”  In fact that event was the reason I started writing but I won’t say much right now because it is not yet time! So at times I get that feeling of shame when I have to minister to these people! But as a servant of God I try by all means to put my shame aside and do what God has called me to do! I remind myself every day that yes, I did a lot of things! I lived a sinful lifestyle but thank God I am not who I used to be! I might not be at a certain place yet but thank God I am not at that place of immorality anymore!

When I lived a sinful life I did not care what anybody had to think about me! I would get drunk and be bold and do things I never thought were possible! My friends would ask me the following day, “Do you remember what you did last night!?” I was not ashamed to live my life to “the fullest” (YOLO)! So now I don’t understand why I should be embarrassed and ashamed to live this new life that God has called me to live! I only live once here on earth and I am going to live it once for the Lord! When I used to get drunk with wine and whiskey I'd go around doing things that I wasn’t ashamed to do but today, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ! I will declare boldly that Jesus Christ is Lord in all streets of Brandwag! I will go to the men I used to fornicate with and tell them that yes, it was good, but right now my body is the temple of God!  I will break all bonds of shame and discouragement and walk in this divine plan God has set for my life! When I was still living in sin, I would go to clubs, taverns, bottle stores, you name them and I would , scream, shout, sing my lungs out, dance until I sweat and today I don’t expect anybody to have a problem when I shout and dance out to the Lord in praise! People never seem to have a problem when you live a transparent sinful life, instead they encourage you, but as soon as you start living a transparent holy life they persecute you and say all form of evil against you! So what is the problem here? Rather I glorify the devil than glorify God? God forbid!!! Well nothing is going to stand on my way! My previous lifestyle was just preparing me for this current one! It taught me to be bold, care free and do what I want disregarding what people think! I am impregnated in the Holy Ghost and I am not going to allow futile feelings and peoples negative gestures and opinions about me abort my breakthrough! They know my past but they don’t know my future! They know what I did but they don’t know what God is going to do through me! There is absolutely no time for compromise anymore! When my pastor tells me to come running to the front to receive an anointing I am going to run with all that I have despite how fat I think I am! I would rather embarrass myself for the Lord than worry about embarrassing myself amongst people! I didn’t have a problem with it before?  See, I’m on  fire that can never run out! Pastor TD Jakes says in one of his books, “Whatever God births in you-a ministry, a book, a song, and a message- whatever is born of God will overcome the world!” As pregnant as I feel right now…it gets heavier and heavier each day and I can’t wait to share it with the world! I am looking forward to bear great things for the glory of God! And whatever seed that is placed in me, will overcome any kind of judgement, negative opinion, persecution because it comes from a divine source, Jesus the true vine!

 "The Best is yet to come!!! Best-sermons to be preached,songs to be sung,books to be written,revivals...! Future will be greater than the past!!" Pastor At

My womb is barren no more! Lord give me children!!!


  1. Ready to give birth. Awesome Awesome day that will be. To God be the glory. Look forward to more great things being done through you.