Monday, 16 July 2012

The Trainers Call!

A girl unhappy about her weight decides to go on a weight loss mission! She consults with her trainer wondering if it is possible to loose 20KG’s in three months! Her trainer assures her that it is possible to lose weight, but well…twenty kilograms is a bit too much for only three months so they decided to work on 10kg’s! The girl happily sets her objective to lose 10 kg’s in three months and is confident that he trainer will be there to help her every step of the way! Her family and friends might have a negative approach to her goal saying things like, “it’s impossible! You were born fat, accept your body! Don’t make yourself somebody you’re not!” She refuses to let anybody’s opinion or judgment cloud her decision so she perseveres! She attends gym faithfully, trains harder than anyone! When people around her eat chocolate and junk food, she opts out for healthier meals! She doesn’t only work hard at gym and comes back home to stuff herself with junk, but even in the absence of her gym mates she practises self-control! Her goal is not about her gym mates anyway! It is a difficult process to attempt losing weight, cravings to overcome, junk food to resist, heavy equipment to lift, intense cardio to accomplish! But keeping your mind on the goal enables you to stay strong and keep the faith up! After three months of hard work she gets on the scale and discovers that she was only able to loose 5kg’s! So much disappointment for someone who was so expectant! In a crushed faith she resolves to junk food, quits gym and live an unhealthy life! Why should she continue doing this if she can’t get what she wants! People eat junk out there and they effortlessly lose weight anyway! She tries to do things the right way but she gets more disappointment, so she decides to give up forgetting the 5kg’s that she has lost! If I may add, the first few days of gym are harder to lose weight but once your body adapts the weight loss comes automatically! The trainer calls her almost every day reminding her of the progress she has already made, that it’s not too late; she should not give up yet! The trainer assures that even though she left gym for so long she can still come back and start afresh! People come in and out of gym all the time but they end up reaching their target goal! After ignoring the trainers call for quite some time, she gets on the scale and discovers that she has put on an additional 20kg’s!!! Disgusted by how she has let herself get to this point, she decides to pick the phone up and answer the trainers call!
Yesterday I turned three months with Jesus! You should  by now know that the fifteenth of every month is an important date for me! I cherish and honour my relationship with Jesus Christ! Closing the chapter for this month, I put a comparison between this gym story and walking in God’s plan! By reading the story you should have deduced where this is taking us to! Just like the girl who sets an objective to lose weight, somebody walking in the plan of God also sets an objective to reach a certain place! Getting there is not easy! Having to abandon your old ways of life is not easy…but it is possible! I appear bold and confident but deep down there are things I try to grapple with every day! Temptations to resist, injustice to accept and tribulations to overcome! Yes, I do get sexual feelings! Yes, I do get the desire to look at explicit materials! Yes, I do get the cravings for alcohol! Yes, I do get lonely! Yes, I do envy people who take shortcuts to get riches, laptops, cell phones, clothes! Yes, I do get sexual thoughts that I fight everyday by prayer and consistent self-control! Yes, I do get tired of praying and not experiencing immediate results! Yes, I do get sad when people judge me or hate on me for speaking God’s truth!  Yes, I do get discouraged for following God’s path while Satan’s path is more “nicer” and accessible! Trust me; I spend innumerable time in prayer and fasting asking Jesus to help me not give up! The sweet Holy Ghost helps me set my eyes on the goal: In His name I will speak in in new tongues! I will drive out demons! I will lay hands on the sick who will get well! In his name I will pick snakes up with my hands! In his name I will drink deadly poison and it will not harm me!!!  At times I fall but I get up, dust myself, carry my cross and continue walking in his plan! I adhere to the trainers call!! I run back to Jesus and say I know I am not worthy! I have messed up so much! I have been away from you for so long and so much has happened! Three days…three weeks…three months…three years…three decades…it’s been too long without you but I’m coming back to that heart of worship!
You have been through so much in the past, so many painful events!  You have sinned and so much went wrong! Your dreams have somehow shattered and you gave up on yourself! Just like that trainer, God never stopped believing in you! No matter how many times you fall or slide away from God’s plan, you are still phenomenal!!! You are still a part of God’s plan! After six years of playing with my anointing, I eventually decided to answer the trainers call! It’s only been three months and each day is great! He’s taking me from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory! Hallelujah
Heavenly Father you are so beautiful! You are so faithful! Thank you for your call that has changed my life around in an amazing way! I pray for everybody reading this right now, restore them, heal them and give them strength each day to walk in your amazing plan! We love you so much our King and Saviour! Amen

Forget the former things;
    do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:18-19

 Don't be cast down. Try not to fall, but if you fall, repent and get up. If you fall again, repent again. Your frustration with your failures is the sign that God is helping you. If he weren't helping you, you wouldn't care.


  1. Wow, what a sweet message. I'm so touched. I hope you arrive at your destination, as I travel mine too.

  2. so sad I just saw your comment now lol, and I have grown!!! Thanks and all the best with your journey in Christ