Tuesday, 10 July 2012

There is a certain place...

As Christians, we are susceptible to the “dangers” of this world! These dangers might seem minor, but they are detrimental to our spiritual walk with Christ! The TV programmes that you watch, the music that you listen to or the kind of reading materials that you read! All these play a vital role in determining how far you are willing to go in your spiritual life and how serious you are about reaching “that certain place!”
There is a certain place that God wants you to reach! But you have to be serious about your walk with Christ! Jesus is serious about you! There are times when I joke or play around but when I think of Jesus and what He has done foe me I put on my serious face ever! No man has ever been serious like he is about me! It is not a good idea to get born again and still watch, listen or read junk! If junk is all that you put in, junk is all that you will get out! if you are living on “junk”, it will take you much longer to reach that certain place! And if it takes you longer, you would have missed out on some of the great things God has prepared for you! Don’t be content with where you are in your spiritual walk, hunger for more of God! He is willing to take you from dimension to dimension, from glory to glory! He wants you to discover His greatness each day and all that is required of you…self-control! 

I remember when I was young, watching TV with adults, how I would cover my eyes in embarrassment seeing people kiss! Today I cover my eyes but not because I’m scared of my parents, but I’m scared of exposing my eyes to something that will trigger lust in me! There are things that God can’t do for you but require you to do for yourself! For instance, He can’t command you not to watch a movie rated with nudity, vulgar or sex! You have to decide if exposing yourself to such a movie will benefit your spiritual walk in Christ! You have to decide if you are going to go around in circles all your life, or definitely heading for that certain place!

Driving with my dad the other day, a song I used to “love” played on the radio! It was so uncomfortable hearing the lyrics and remembering how I used to sing it to the top of my lungs before rededicating my life to Jesus! The song literally says, “I am going to open my heart and give it all to a man!” My whole heart belongs to God!!! Songs like, “You are my rock, baby you are the truth?” As Christian, the only rock and truth that you have is Jesus Christ! No man should ever take his place in your heart! We unconsciously profess these lyrics and wonder why we are not going anywhere in our spiritual walk! We are just content with going to church every Sunday, listening to powerful men and woman of God preaching! But these powerful men and women of God were disciplined enough not to expose themselves to TV programs, books or music that did not bring growth in their lives! Somebody might think that he/she needs deliverance because she/he has demons of lust because no matter how hard they try stop thinking about sex, it just seems impossible! But no amount of deliverance will help you if you continue exposing yourself to junk!  By being determined to live a life that pleases God whether people are watching you or not, will release the flow of the Holy Spirit who will enable you to effortlessly to keep your entire body holy! It is then that you will be able to live with power, knowledge and have a sense of direction for your life! 

If it is a soapi that triggers lust, then don’t watch it! If it is a song that profess the kind of life that you will be living 5years from now, then don’t sing it! If it is a newspaper or magazine that will trigger envy or jealousy, then don’t read it! Do not conform to the standards of this world! God has called you to be holy inside out! Don’t settle to be like the rest! My advice…settle when you have reached your certain place!

Set your mind on the things above and not on earthly things! 
 colossians 3:2

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