Friday, 6 July 2012

Chosen By God's Grace!

My aunt held her 30th wedding anniversary last weekend in Klerksdorp! What a great event! I, together with the young people in our family had a task ordained for us, and that was to serve the guests and make sure that everything was all right! When the food had been eaten, and the dances had been danced and the speeches had been made, the time to serve what everybody had been waiting for all day had arrived-alcohol! There was so much alcohol directly available for me and it was quite a temptation considering the amount of alcohol I used to consume before rededicating my life to Jesus! It was an opportunity for me to indulge in as much as I wanted but I was caught in grace! The grace of God was so evident at that instant moment that even though I was tempted, the desire did not even last for long! God did not come to me and say, “Thou shall not drink!” His grace was sufficient for me three months ago when I gave my life to Him! He accepted me just as I was, a drunkard, and enabled me to quit drinking alcohol once and for all! Quitting was not a struggle like it had been in the past when I tried to achieve righteousness in my own strength and the laws set by people around me! The grace of God came upon me when I died to my old self, believing that even though I am a mess, Gods grace is sufficient enough for me, to fix me and wipe all my sins away! I had sinned so much against God in the past but He was always ready to forgive me! This leads to freedom of expression about my old life! It leads to so much freedom in boasting: that I was once a heavy habitual drinker but God’s grace saved me! When I decided that yes, I will walk in His plan after His calling, he deposited a gift of grace in me! 

Many are called but few are chosen? The few are those people who are willing to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Jesus completely! These people will then not be ashamed of talking about their past and are willing to say: you can look into my life! There is nothing to be hidden! I am free! Our past mistakes discipline us into a perfect plan and will of God!  It takes a strong person to deny the ever occurring desires and temptations of the flesh! It takes someone who has a vision and a purpose to completely give their life to Jesus! With their mind, body and soul! I used to think that I could follow Jesus and still get drunk hopelessly on weekends, but that did not take me anywhere! Instead, I always gave the devil a foothold in my life and that always brought confusion and depression to me! God called me knowing that I love drinking alcohol but like He said to Paul, He also said to me, “My strength is made perfect in your weakness!”I will help you out! I will deliver you! I will heal your sin! Nothing is impossible with me! God says, I know you! I know what you struggle with! I know what you are capable of! But I’m strong for you and my grace is sufficient for you! In actual fact, His grace is all that you need!

Most people go through the entire life confessing that life is not fair! They keep blabbering and complaining…why God gave me such parents!? Why did God make me like this! Why did God give me such a strong sexual desire for someone with the same sex!  But I personally have learned that God is so fair! He was fair the moment He gave Jesus Christ to die for your weaknesses on the cross! He is fair when He gives you authority to bind and loosen things on earth, that they be bound and loosed in heaven too! God is fair when He continues calling you into His divine plan and purpose so that He can change your life around!
Many are called but few are chosen! It takes a bold woman to step out of her comfort zone and follow God! When your peers seem to have fun, drinking and having a jolly time, you take a complete different direction! You seek God’s will and plan for your life! They may not understand and they don’t even have to understand! You know that you are building yourself a great future on a solid rock and not on sand that will sink! You honor your calling! It is divine! It takes a determined individual to say that God, I know that alcohol makes me feel good, but it is not good for my well-being, so I am coming out and trusting your grace to be sufficient when I am tempted! God!!! I know that sex feels good, but I am going to wait for that man whom you are preparing me for and I believe that our sex will be even greater in marriage! Now honesty goes a long way with God, He knows you! When you start opening up to God about your weaknesses and sin, you allow immensity of grace to flow in your life!  And when you have got the grace, everything else flows freely! 

I had a great time at my aunt’s party without even sipping on a single drop of alcohol! God’s grace did not even allow me to serve the guests alcohol!!! Who said that you need alcohol to have fun anyway? You need Jesus to have eternal fun!

My cousins and I

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