Wednesday, 30 May 2012

You Deserve Unconditional Love!

Days after I rededicated my life to God, I did not have an idea on how I am going to re-start my journey with Christ. I've pretty much read most of scripture before so in the back of my head I thought that I know too much already! Although I felt like that, I had to start somewhere. So I started first by reading the book of proverbs! In my foolish ways, my temper and my past mistakes, I knew that I needed wisdom that comes only from God to help me make right decisions this time around, and the book of proverbs is based mainly on wisdom! Heavenly wisdom! When I finished reading the book, my perception on how I viewed most things had changed dramatically! Especially the way in which I viewed relationships!

With the pressures around us and the "loneliness" that gets to us sometimes, we tend to get into a relationship that comes our way! I'm advising you right now, with the proverbs wisdom, if you get into a relationship for the wrong reasons i.e.: because you feel lonely, because your buddies around you are in a relationship, etc., then accept that it's only temporary! It’s not going to last! You base your relationships on worldly things, just like the world that is coming to an end; they will also come to an end! As hard as it was for me, I have learned to first build a relationship with Christ. I am so in love with Him that I cannot share my love with another man ...just yet! Anything that the world has to offer is temporary, it will not succeed! How long do you want to be hurt, disrespected, used and forgotten? When you find Jesus you find yourself! You know that you are worth more than gold and no man has the right to belittle you! No man has the right to take away from you and leave you feeling empty!

It’s sad because most women don’t know who they even are! And if you don’t know who you are, you will give away yourself freely! You are a reflection of who you date! If you date a drunkard, then you see a drunkard in you! If you date a sexual immoral man, then you see a sexual immoral man in you! If you don’t know who you are or what you want, you will accept anybody who comes your way! Listen, men will always be there offering themselves to you but you have to have the wisdom to see such men from far, that they are no good! A man comes to you with no ambitions in life, with no goals and no future, but you accept him because you don’t know who you are and how much you cost! Jesus bought you for a price!!!If you make yourself one with a man, you will go the same direction that he goes to!
You need to find yourself in Jesus because He has the greatest love to offer! No man can give you the love and fulfilment that Jesus can! You are beautiful and you deserve a beautiful partner, a beautiful life! You deserve somebody who will give you the love that they have experienced from Jesus himself, unconditional love!

 You have great value, whether or not the guys around you recognize it.

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