Monday, 28 May 2012

Why do YOU go to church?

Yesterday evening at CRC church, we had the baptism of the Holy Spirit. There was a time where we prayed in tongues for quite a long time. While I was praying, I opened my eyes and the person in front of me was playing with her phone, holding her waist in boredom. such an intense prayer session! I used to be like that; I just got bored and could not wait to for the service to end. But let me tell you something, if you are walking in God's divine plan there is no possible way that the events in a church service can bore you! You cannot only want to go to church for praise and worship, but you will also be eager to hear the word, to take out your offering and to participate as the Spirit of God leads!
Let me ask you a question. Do you go to church for the right reason? I am not a church expert or a pastor, but I know that there are actually churches out there that lead people out of God's divine plan! I am talking about churches where you find the leaders sleeping around with the members, churches where leaders cannot talk the truth about fornication or adultery and drunkenness, simply because they also actively participate in them! We are living in a generation where the youth, men and women out there are hungry for God! And when God choses you to speak for Him, you have to boldly in all honesty, stand up for him! Now not many people want to hear the truth Hosea 4:6 says, "my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.", and not many leaders out there are willing to stand up for the truth. Perhaps they’re scared that people will think that they are making themselves better or they’re afraid that their offerings from people will decrease because now people are scared to hear the truth, whatever the reason might be, the truth is not being preached in some churches out there!
You probably are wondering how I know this. I know this because I have moved around from town to town, city to city and it was an opportunity for me to skip from church to church! I was trying to find stability in my Christian walk because I always seemed to fail. For 10 years I went from church to church, trying to find healing for my sins! But was that the only reason I went to church? What is the mistake that many Christians make?
Although people are hungry for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit, they seem to get it all wrong! People don’t realize the importance of going to church! They go there to seek attention! As long as the pastor can see how spiritual they are! As long as they give the best offerings above everybody else! Only if the pastor can call them on the pulpit, pray for them until they shake and fall, then they’re fine! Young ladies go to church to parade! Wearing the shortest, tightest dress with high heels, wanting people to see how nicely clothed they are! People go to church to look for boyfriends or girlfriends, to seduce men! I always observe in the buss how a lady will rub her body against a man intentionally! The tone that they use when they are having a conversation or the physical gestures they portray!

People go to church for the wrong reasons that is why up to this day they are still fornicating, getting drunk and living in all kinds of sin! You cannot go to the right church, for the right reason and yet remain the same! I am always quiet in the bus, but if I want to, I can start talking with the guy who is flirting with me; I’ve got a nice voice by the way! I can also use my eyes to flirt with all the guys; they’re beautiful by the way! I can also scream and laugh out loud and seek attention, but that is not my goal! I am not going to church to be recognized, I am going there to build a relationship with my God to get the overflow of the anointing from the man of God! And when I say man of God, I don’t mean somebody who commits adultery in secret, I don’t mean somebody who encourages fornication, I don’t mean somebody who gets drunk on Fridays and comes stands in front of us on Sundays! I mean somebody who follows the principles in the bible and will help me in my walk with God! People think that Christianity is something that they can play with! They waste their precious time living a double life, I know, I wasted 10years! If you continue living in sin, you won’t reach that certain place that God wants you to be, no matter how faithfully you go to church! You can kid yourself and convince yourself, and things might go well for you, but what is the main objective at the end of it all? To inherit the kingdom of God!
The things of God are foolish to the people of the world, you see it in the church! I used to play with my phone in church, I used to yawn and wine, and that is simply because I had one foot in the world yet the other in the church! Why would you want to wake up in the morning, brag about how you are going to church today on social networks, and yet get there and be bored? Who are you kidding!!

It might seem like nobody notices you! Maybe your pastor is only interested in people who give big offerings but God sees your heart! You don’t have to prove anything to anybody because in your secret place, God knows about you and He is enlarging your territory! To people you might look like a low cast because you don’t shout like they do or you don’t dress like them and that is not important because you are aware of the power that is at work in you! Your primary goal is Jesus!! Take some time out and try to find out what is the main reason for you to go to church! In order for you to walk in God's plan, you have to be so truthful to yourself and wait on the Lord! Be blessed! God loves you dearly!

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