Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Seek First The Kingdom of God~

When I became born again I was so excited and expectant from God and that is a very good thing because God wants us to believe that he is able to put our lives back together. He doesn’t want us to limit in Him because of our past, our weaknesses and our fears. I'm sure God wants you to pray and ask great things from Him even though you don’t see them coming yet!
A few weeks back, there was a post available at exclusive books. Excited as I was, I ran there to submit my CV. I was really expecting them to call me back sooner because it sounded promising. When I applied though, there were just minor factors contributing negatively to my application like not being able to speak properly and being nervous. I just left though because I knew that I prayed about it, and God will make a way for me! A week passed by and I heard nothing from them. In the mean time I sent my CV to the pre-school just along my street. They did not advertise any job post or anything, but I just faxed my CV. Do you want to know why I faxed my CV? I faxed it because God told me repeatedly as I walked passed there that I am going to work there. I just thought that maybe I'm just hallucinating because I love working with children. But every time when I passed there the Holy Spirit told me that you are going to be working with these children soon. So that is why I sent my CV there!
When I finished writing my exams, I went to exclusive books to enquire about my application because deep down in my heart, that's really where I wanted to work. I was told about the salary already and I just wanted to work, to get that money!!! When I got there, the manager told me that there were no vacancies available but they will call me as soon as they were.
In that period of time, the Holy Spirit was teaching me about seeking first the Kingdom of God. Yes, it is okay for you to ask God to open worldly blessings for you, to bless you financially, to give you bursaries, to help you pass your exams, that’s what He wants for you, but understand that those things are not important. The important and primary goal is to create an unshakable relationship with Jesus and desire the things that come from Him first. In this period of time, God taught me how to obey and trust in Him. See, even when you don’t see anything happening in your life, you have to be able to wait on the Lord! Trust in Him even though the circumstances don’t look promising. God taught me to worship Him even when the situation remains the same. To believe that He is at work even though you cannot see it! God taught me to love Him above everything else. If the circumstances around me are hurtful and disappointing, God wants you to seek His face and believe that He can put your life back together again! God wants you to trust him even though the skies are cloudy and grey; He wants you to trust him with your life that He is able to bring you the sunshine that you deserve!
So what is the Kingdom of God? The things I just mentioned! Trusting in Him beyond a shadow of doubt! Loving Him even though the things you prayed for are not coming! Worship Him while you wait on Him and believe that He will bring the best in your life. Obeying Him when every fibre of your being wants to bail out! God wants you to be unshakable! If your relationship with Christ is stable, then nothing can move you. Jesus has to be the foundation in your heart! 1corinthians 3"11 says, 11" For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ"

So when Jesus has already laid His foundation in your life, nothing in this world can by means move you! And that is what God is trying to do in your life, to build first your spiritual character, and all these other things will follow. It is a walk of obedience.  As soon as your spiritual life is unshakable, then God will start opening doors in your jobs, in your relationships, in your financials, pouring out a blessing on you that you won’t even be able to contain them!
Yesterday when I had even forgotten that I applied for a job at the Pre-school, I get a phone call from them asking me to start working on Wednesday as an assistant teacher! I’m so glad that when God shuts a door, he does it knowing that He's opening another door where you will carry out His gospel. There are about three hundred children at the pre-school and I can’t wait to tell them about this Loving Lord and Saviour! 
God knows about you, and even though sometimes you want certain things for yourself, you have to trust Him enough for what he wants you to do for Him. Humble yourself by the side of the Lord and He will lift you up!!

Thank You my Loving Saviour that you are building my spiritual character each day! Thank you that you are establishing my spiritual life first and making me grow into a powerful woman of God! Thank you that as I seek you first, you are also opening physical blessings upon my life! I love you my Lord! Great is your name in all the nations! Amen!

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