Thursday, 31 May 2012

See Jesus in you!

As I was walking back from campus yesterday, some guy literally came running behind me! He asked me how I am, I said I'm good thank you and how are you! He said wow, there’s just something about you! The way you walk, your face, your hair! I just smiled and said, do you want to know why? He said yes please! I said agg, never mind hey! For some reason I was scared of speaking about Jesus, didn’t want him to be one of the people who also think that I am making myself better! I thought he'd let it go but he kept persisting! And thank God he was so eager to know because had I not used that opportunity to tell somebody about Jesus, I'd have grieved the Holy Spirit! I said okay, okay! Well thing is, I’m not myself!  I am how I am because Jesus lives in me, so I radiate with his confidence! He said slowly, seeming like he was trying to digest it...oh okayyyy...Jesus! I said yes, Jesus! We were going the same direction so we walked together and talked about Jesus and how he is able to transform lives! Now he wants to go to the church that I go to, CRC!!

I remember years back. I think early 2005 before I stayed away from God! I was at a salon preparing myself for a crusade that was taking place at my friend’s church! This woman sat there under those huge hair dryers and I could just feel that there was something about her! There was something about her presence that grabbed my attention! I couldn’t stop glancing at her as she sat there with her legs crossed, flipping the magazine she was reading and just sitting there with a radiant face! It is only later on in the evening at church that I learned that she was the pastor’s wife!

People literally see Jesus in you! They hear him speak through you! They see Him live through your life. That is why it is important to ask God to fill you with His spirit, more of Him each day because you leak! You need a daily dose of the spirit of God! You need a daily dose of his glory and watch him shine his face on yours! The Holy Spirit teaches me how to live! Even in small things he helps me make the right choices! For instance when I feel discouraged and saddened, He tells me to smile because I have Jesus living in me! When I'm so hungry and I just want to gobble up on my food, He reminds me that I'm a princess and I have to eat like one! I have to behave like a princess, dress like a princess, walk like a princess!
Thank you heavenly Father for living your life in me! I know that everyday my face radiates of your beauty and glory! Thank you for making me your princess my King! I love you soo much! Amen!

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