Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Operation Table...

How this topic was placed in my spirit was somehow peculiar yet divine!
This morning I accompanied my housemate to his friend’s house. They’re very funny when they’re together and they talk freely about anything! So my housemate’s friend was busy updating him about the sex he had the other night. Knowing how sensitive I am to such topics, I interrupted him and said whoa, please stop! You can’t talk about such things in my presence! He said, oh now you’re a Christian? I said yes I am. He said but there were bad things that you used to do? I replied, yes there are, but they were not beneficial to me so I stopped them. He said, that’s the thing with Christians, they run away from their habits or hobbies and substitute them for God and church, and that won’t last long because you did not deal with them! While he was trying to sound so smart telling me all that, I just thought…I know, we run away from those unhealthy habits and sin because they were leading us to destruction! We substitute them for God because we believe that He has created us, and when all else fail, He will heal and restore us! And I believe that you can’t go back to sin if you earnestly seek Gods will and guidance for your life because He will help you deal with your weaknesses every day!

When I got back home, I prayed! What an awesome session with my God! As I prayed by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I brought the fingers of my both my hands together, to fit each other like a lock and key, enzyme-substrate complex! The Holy Spirit said...The Operation table! Amused, I continued to pray. In the spirit I saw a few small seeds close together, hidden in a dark place somewhere! The Holy Spirit said, there are certain things that are preventing you from progressing in your spiritual walk. Things that are hidden in the darkest corner of your heart! It is important to seek God with all your heart because it is only then that He can and will reveal the heavenly mysteries to you! People don’t understand why they get born again over and over again, trapped in the same sin and unable to let it go! A week ago they gave their lives to Jesus, but today they find themselves fornicating again! They wonder why they can’t stop and progress, and its simply because they don’t seek Gods guidance, will and revelation enough! In order for you to walk in God's plan successfully, you need to immerse yourself in prayer and in His word!

The Holy Spirit said, there are certain things that happened to you when you were young. Some you remember but some you don’t. But those bad things are the seeds that have been planted in your heart all along! The seed of depression! The seed of a negative self-image! The seed of loneliness! The seed of pain and hurt! The seed of fear! And all these seeds have been the cause of you stumbling in your Christian walk! I said God help me, I can’t do it in my own strength! Open my spiritual eyes and ears that I may hear and see what you want me to understand! The Holy Spirit said, you have to go on to the operation table! The great Physician wants to operate your heart! That seed of depression He's taking out! No more turning back! The great physician is working in you! God is giving you a transplant, a new heart!
In Ezekiel 36 God says, 26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

 Listen, my housemate's friend told me that I can’t do it, that I am going to give in some day, but the great physician on the operating table says, Be determined and confident! I am with you wherever you go! Like an enzyme-substrate complex, everything that has been a mess in your life, I am putting together! Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world! God chose you, and God will faithfully carry you! He who has started the good work in you will finish it until it's perfect! Praise God! Thank you Lord, for you are my great physician and you are not finished with me yet!

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