Friday, 11 May 2012

A note for single women!

Every woman wants a man who will love her unconditionally. We see an old couple walking hand in hand at malls, or sitting together on a bench. We say how cute is this, and secretly wish that we could somehow find love that lasts this long. I used to tell my self that I want a man with certain characteristics, a man with a deep voice, a tall man and etc. And I would get in a relationship, given the opportunity because I need to be happy. What if he's the one, I'd ask myself. What if he's different from all the other ones. Somehow I would get into a relationship, the guy "loves" me for two weeks, if I'm lucky, a month, and afterwards he leaves me. No matter how hard I try to keep him by being submissive, by giving everything that I have, he eventually leaves. And it would be like that year after year. And year after year, I'd move from man to man , trying to find what exactly?

"Everybody is looking for emotional support in another relationship with the opposite sex, and that is the wrong place to look. Emotional support comes first from your spiritual life being stable!" So a relationship that does not involve God as a foundation is heading to disaster. That is why we have divorces and certain scenarios where another spouse brings in sexual related illnesses such as HIV in the family. I watched my all time favourite movie the other day, Cheaper by the dozen and as I watched, I prayed that I would find love that would last for ever. The couple is old with twelve children , yet they still go to bed and cuddle and kiss. Before the Devil puts doubt in your mind, no, it doesn't only happen in movies, God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can ever ask or imagine. God's favour can bring the right person in your life!

I'm emphasising this point because we tend to forget who God really is. I mean I was with a friend who goes to church regularly, and she saw the list I made concerning the kind of guy I want to marry. She asked with that look that says, get real girl this is the real world, "And where do you think you are going to get a guy like that in this world" I just said , clearly , you don't know God huh? Why do we limit God so much! Do we read the bible with understanding? Do we know what God is able to do? If yes, then why do we limit Him according to the standards of the world!! Why do we believe that Jesus can walk on water, or turn water into wine, could calm the seas, but not believe that He can bring the right person in our lives!! Is it because we have given up on prayer or on ourselves? Is it because we sleep around, we get drunk , we smoke and now we think everybody is like that? God is able to do much more than you can imagine, do not limit Him in a shoe box!! When you accept Jesus in your life, you are accepting a great, blessed life. He will take you to the right job, he will take you to the right places and he will bring the right life time partner to you!

Before I went to bed last night,  I prayed in the spirit for God to reveal the kind of man that He would want me to have. It would be nice to get a man who goes to gym and takes care of his body, or a guy with a deep voice, but these things do not matter when you walk in God's plan. He knows what is best for you and He has planned your life. Don't give in into temptation and take shortcuts in life. Patience is a virtue and if you are on Gods side, you are on the right path.

So here goes my list...

A man I want to marry...
  • A man who loves the Lord and puts Him first before everything else
  • A man who will have time for me, and his children
  • A man who puts me and his children second, after God
  • A man who works hard at everything he does(job and other simple things)
  • A man who will love me unconditionally and sees the best in me 
  • A man who is not only attracted to my physical appearance
  • A man with wisdom
  • A man who is able to communicate well
A man I dont want to marry...
  • A man who smokes, drinks, goes to inappropriate parties
  • Sexual immoral man who sleeps around
  • A man who cannot make responsible choices
  • A man who doesn't communicate with his children or me
  • A man who puts his friends before me
  • A man who does not want to wait until marriage
  • A man who doesn't go to church
  • A man who will lust other women
    "Dont settle for less than Gods best, Your emotions can easly cloud your decision"!
"If women can really wait on God He will bring them to the man who has been looking for them." 

"The Bible says clearly that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. We are warned against all form of sexual activity outside marriage.
When you violate this crucial spiritual principle, you literally give the devil license to put you in a spiritual cage.
No one can find you.
Or propose marriage.
You could still be walking around – as beautiful as ever – but in the spiritual realm the devil has already written something like “Not Available” right across your forehead."

" Finding your God given spouse has nothing to do with your looks, age or income. It’s good to have those things if you can but in the spiritual world they are of little or no significance."
Posted by Alan Harstone, an evangelical pastor
"I can't tell you how many Christian women I have met with and/or counselled over the years who are living lives of great regret, difficulty, and despair because they married a man who was not a believer, or was nominal in his faith at best. Almost to a person their stories are the same: they grew up in Christian homes; had a few wild years in their teens or early 20s; married a guy who was "dangerous" and "exciting".... who lived outside of the rules; ignored the advice of their parents/pastors/friends and married the guy; began to experience conflict; returned to their faith, especially when the kids arrived; and their husbands are still not living for Christ. Then they sit in their pastor's office, tears streaming down their faces, often mad at God (but really mad at themselves), frustrated beyond measure and thinking about "moving on". When it's with me I want so much to be compassionate and understanding, but there is still a part of me that wants to ask them "Why on earth did you ignore God's advice? Why didn't you respond to all the red flags He threw your way? Why didn't you listen to the heart of God about choosing your lifetime partner?"

Sometimes I do ask, and the answer is almost always the same: "I thought that I could change him." But God is crystal clear about who we should marry:"

 2 Cor 6:14-16

"Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?"


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