Thursday, 31 May 2012

Devil, You Cant Shut Me up!

Re-dedicating my life to Jesus came as a result of a really painful event that occurred in my life. God's discipline helped me to finally breakthrough from my sin! At that point I was caught between overlooking the situation or pausing for a moment and say, whow, Satan, I’m done! For many years I was so empty, in pain and confessing the same sin over and over again, living and moving around with no power!

When I remembered how hurt I had been in the past, I said Satan, I’m done!
When I remembered how people used to hurt me, take my possessions, hurt my feelings, disrespected me like I was no human, I stood up and said, Satan, listen to me! I said I’m done! When I remembered how I struggled in my studies, how it took me long to progress...I knew that I had come to a certain place where I can’t turn back! For so long, I had remained silent and I couldn’t even speak out because I was victimized by the devil!

I experienced so much pain and misfortune because I did not want to answer God's call! But now, I have accepted His awesome plan and everlasting life and nothing can shut me up! The Devil cannot keep my mouth shut! I am going to praise my God and tell of His wonderful works! I have come back to that heart of worship where ten minutes is not enough in prayer! An hour is not enough either! Three hours is also not enough for me! I want every moment of my life spent in prayer! God is restoring me back again, how can I keep my mouth shut! I speak Jesus, I breathe Jesus, I live Jesus! I can’t contain it! Jesus broke the chains that were captivating me in sin and bondage! Jesus has restored my health and well-being!  When I felt like I am nothing He made his face shine upon me! How can I keep quiet!!! God restored my inner beauty, integrity and my self-confidence! My Jesus came at the right time and showed me the truth! He is the way, the truth and the life! His truth set me free! I am free from addictions! I am free from depression! I am free from alcohol! I am free from fornication! He set me free! How can I keep quiet! How can I keep His grace all to myself? I am now singing a new song of victory hahaha!
Jesus came and he put my life back together again! I am forever grateful for His tender love and mercies!
Oh heavenly Father you are so beautiful to me! Words can never express how thankful I am that you have set me free! Thank you Lord Jesus for breaking the chains that bound me! Thank you so much for taking me out of the darkness! Help me to spread your name and miraculous works for those who are hungry for you because Lord you are able to turn a helpless situation around! Glory to the Most high! I love you my King!! Amen!

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