Tuesday, 17 April 2012

You are not alone!

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't end my year like I had planned to...let's blame it on the peer pressure shall we;)
When midnight struck, I was sitting in the car feeling sorry for myself haha, I'm such a drama queen. I just spoke a few words to God but I felt like it was not really enough cause like I do every year, I wanted to have an hour or so with Him, tell him my plans and worship and stuff so...it didn't happen like that! When I came home in the morning I took my pills(anti-d presents) cause depression was on its highest peak! You know I spent most of my night pursuing something meaningless and I became more depressed when I recognized how meaningless it was. When I woke up, nothing had changed, was still feeling the same! So I threw a pity party for myself telling myself that I'm fat, the man I want doesn't want me, I didn't pray last night And I was also telling some of my friends how I'm going to comit suicide
thank God for amazing friends like flex and Gina who always have to pull up with my temper/moods/emotions! After I realized that ...how long...am I planning to feel like this when I know that there is SOMEBODY who cares and who doesn't judge me. I took my bible and read Mathew 11v28 and God said to me ..."Call to me, ALL who are weary, and I WILL give you rest!" You know at that instant moment, I became hopeful again. One WORD from God changed how I was feeling and I made a prayer. I told God everything that I felt and I thanked him for that promise and I realized God cares and I am not alone. When depression comes,you must remember that even though you cannot feel or see His presence, God has NOT abandoned you! You are not alone! Gos is very close to the broken hear ted. Whatever you might be going through, whether its small or big, God is there to listen to you and ONE word from him can change you really! Hos word is sharper than any double edged sword. You can tell your friends your troubles and problems but they can't give you what God can give you! Walk in 2012 knowing that...you are not alone! God is right there by your side!
Happy new year buddies

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  1. you show such growth in your relationship with the Lord...Continue walking in spirit and in truth.