Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Stay up to date with Jesus! He makes all things new!

I felt really good when I got up this morning. Bathed, had my breakfast, ironed my clothes, checked my books and etc. When I was about to hurry to campus it hit me, did i say  my prayers? I sat down read my devotion and even felt greater. See, when you come in contact with Jesus, you transform from glory to glory. There is something about inviting the Lord in your life, your plans, your body, mind and spirit each day, you transform. Sometimes you might not feel it physically, but you don't have to feel it to believe it! God is at work each moment of your life and it is up to you to stay in touch and get ready of the next thing He will do for you! In all situations praise GOD, sad or happy! Whether your days are dull or bright. I now for certain each day is a challenge on its own but when you invite the Lord in your life it becomes bearable! Gods burden is light and His yoke is easier. Everyday becomes perfect if you learn to thank, praise and honor Him. I know that i cant do without my Jesus and each day i want to be closer and closer and closer to Him because I love Him and i believe that He sustains me! There is no one like my Jesus!

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