Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kings should not drink wine

I imagine the pity that people have for me when they go out and leave me lying on the couch in my pyjamas, and I also imagine the thoughts they perhaps have towards me, "trying to make myself better"  when I tell them that I don't want to come along. It is pretty hard isolating yourself from people who knew the "old" you. It doesn't not matter though, because it is not about people anymore, Jesus is the issue!

Last night I went out with my housemate and his friend for pizza. We ended up going to Kalahari bar because they felt like a beer or two. I had already decided a long time ago that I am not drinking anymore, but it was one of the few times I had been offered a drink since the last time I drank. It would be such an advantage for me, considering the old me. Here I am , done with my major tests, long weekend and these guys are offering free alcohol.

A few months ago , at a house party gathering, I had so much to drink. I met up with a guy, we instantly clicked and without a waste of time we were making out. Everything happened so fast! The following day I felt really terrible, asking myself, would I have done that had I been sober? You know like an ATM, I felt that somebody had withdrew something of value from me. You know an ATM, people go there and withdraw money, and as they withdraw daily, the money in the ATM decreases in value. It is just like us women, when we let people take away from us, we lose our value and our worth. We decrease! The devil wants to cause confusion and destruction in our lives, and alcohol is one of the weapons he uses!

I don't know much about alcohol but I know that the Devil has put lies in peoples minds making them believe that it will make them happy, it will make them forget about the problems they are facing, but it just makes things worse. Alcohol causes depression, alcohols lowers down ones progress, alcohol makes you look and sound foolish! And alcohol was not designed for a child of a King. Proverbs 31 states that "Don't spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings.4 Listen, Lemuel. Kings should not drink wine or have a craving for alcohol.5 When they drink, they forget the laws and ignore the rights of people in need.6 Alcohol is for people who are dying, for those who are in misery.7 Let them drink and forget their poverty and unhappiness." So clearly, we are kings because we are children of a King!

I understand my position in Christ, hence I cant get drunk and compromise this power and gift that God has planted in my spiritual being! I don't need a set of instructions, but rather walk in God's plan to understand that Jesus lives in me and I cannot  mix him with intoxicating substances. It is not about deliverance, or somebody laying hands on me, but about self-control and understanding who this Jesus is! I did not get why my mum despises alcohol so much, I guess she's got a story of her own, but someday I will tell my story to my children and the generation thereof!

It has been almost a month since I touched alcohol, because I am now walking in this perfect plan of God. I understand that I cannot experience God's power if I am still living in sin! The alcohol craving is gone! The addictions are gone! The "swag" or whatever the need for me to drink alcohol was, is gone! I am now looking forward to being the proverbs 31 woman God wants me to be! Be blessed!

"Don't be sympathetic to
the demons you've been delivered from."

~ Prophetess Dixie Summers
We can't go back and change the circumstances
in our past that have marked us,
but God can take those scars
and polish them until they are transformed
into something beautiful.

~ Kasey Van Norman

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