Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sheep in need of a Shepherd!

I have lived with a lot of women in my life. From boarding school, to girls flat and to a ladies commune. From my past experiences, from the many books I've read and from most of these women's experiences, I have gained a lot of insight on how to live a life of good morals. As young as I am, I had to go through so much to reach this certain place. I believe that God has placed so much love on women. From simple situations such as her preparing food for her husband to complex situations such as child birth! God has a great plan for our lives but we don't often walk into that plan. We want to do things on our own forgetting that we are sheep in need of a Shepherd! I know of a woman who has given up on love and on herself. Yea?

I know of a woman who engages in sexual intercourse with multiple partners as if there’s nothing wrong with it? Yes, I also know of a woman who has had multiple abortions because of unplanned pregnancies and irresponsible sexual behavior! I know of a woman who tries so hard to gain love and acceptance from men, I know of a woman with no dignity, self-respect and self-worth! I know of a woman who gets absurdly drunk to try and forget about her problems. I know of a woman who is destroying herself to the grave! On the other hand, I also know a woman of proverbs 31! A woman who went through so much pain but never lost hope and trust in God! I know a woman who believes there’s more to sex than just wait. I know a woman who is blessed with a wonderful husband and beautiful children. I know of a woman who shut her ears and eyes to the things of the world and carried her cross to follow Jesus.

 See, woman, God has good things planned out for you, but you have to walk into his plan. With God by your side, you don't have to try so much to keep relationships in which you are not wanted in. God fills you with more of Him to a point of contentment. God never meant for you to be a woman who's always struggling or always in constant pain. God doesn't want you to be high one day and low the next because God cares about your feelings and emotions. When you look at a man, what do you see?  Do you see somebody who you can go to bed with or do you see somebody who is wonderfully created by God and is capable of changing the world? Woman, understand this, you are a sheep in need of a Shepherd! You cannot overcome pain, fear, temptations and challenges on your own, you need Jesus! Some women have grown accustomed to their way of life. It’s okay to sleep around and be irresponsible in matters of sex. It’s okay for them to have affairs with married men. It’s okay for them to be involved sexually with another woman, but is this Gods plan for our lives as women? Is this how God designed our lives to be? Certainly not! When we accept Jesus in our lives a huge transformation takes place. I'm not saying it happens overnight but day by day as you spend time in His presence. We begin to understand our worth and our value. We see ourselves the way Jesus sees us. You begin to comprehend that your body is not a playground, but a holy temple where God dwells. When you grow in Jesus daily, you begin to love yourself because Gods presence that radiates so wonderfully is now in you! Woman, you have been bought for a price, love came down! Jesus came down for you! You are precious, wonderful and awesome to him, you don't need to prove anything to Him because He already knows you, just walk into His plan.

You don't have to listen to the lies of the devil, convincing you to take shortcuts and easy ways in life. Listen and follow Jesus' plan for your life. You don't have to be a victim of the devil, bound in chains; you don't have to be a victim of spiritual and emotional abuse because Jesus came to set you free! Materialistic things don't matter when Jesus breathes His life into yours. You see beyond what we see now. You understand that you are not defined by the clothes or make up you wear, by the different models of cars that drop you off every night, but by the love and grace of God. Be the proverbs 31 Woman today. With God it’s never too late. God can change your life and He is ready now to do it! He is God; don't limit him in a shoebox. Stay blessed and be the woman God meant for you to be! The proverbs 31 woman!

Here are pictures of the woman I know who have inspired me! Phenomenal!

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