Monday, 26 March 2012

The Potter's House

Been searching for the lyrics to this song but I just can't get them! Well it can be downloaded;) its beautiful!As I listen to this song, a vivid image comes to my mind all the time! I see a hut in the middle of nowhere with roof grass, like those traditional huts yeah? And I see individuals going into that hut! In that empty hut there's a man sitting there with clay, paint, brushes, waiting for the next person to enter! When a person goes into that hut, he goes in with dirty clothes, torn, looking miserable basically! And when he goes into that hut, he kneels before the man on the chair, which is the potter! The potter works with him! He transforms Him, quietly, but working hard and passionately with love! And after all the paints and everything has been fixed on that man, he stands up, leaving the hut, bright, beautiful and smiling:) of course this Potter I'm talking about is Jesus:D I love my God!This morning I got up, went outside, such a beautiful cloudy weather, and thought to myself, this world has so much to offer, but God has SO MUCH MORE to offer! I admit, I'm strong, but I'm easily influenced hence all the events in my life! God takes me to a certain place for a reason, and before He takes me there He prepares me for it! I almost lost myself:) but I had to ask myself this question, and be truthful to myself! "Who am I! And whose am I? I know I I don't wanna go back to where I come from and since that time I realized the presence of God in my life, so much has happened! And I don't wanna break that and go back to that confusion of the world, there's so much confusion in this world! Last night I had a DEEP talk with my sister and I had some self uh hmm what's this word *snaps Finger* uhmm introspection, I dono, but yea I sat down and thought to myself, who am I! And Whose am I! Everything that you need in this world is found in God! You come to him just as you are and He will transform and reform you with pleasure and he will provide ALL your needs! Jesus is the King and whatever you need, go to him! He has never left your! Go down on your knees and surrender to Him! He knows what you go through! The potter wants to change your shape! He wants to put you back together again! I love my Jesus sooooo much yoh!
Ps: don't forget to download the song! Mwa

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