Monday, 26 March 2012

Jeremiah 29 VERSE 11

I 'm just sitting here and I get this throbbing feeling in my spirit of what a mysterious God I serve. I went to UJ in 2008 to study Bio Medical technology. Got a lotta freedom, did a lotta things! Sometimes I'd study, sometimes I wouldn't ....but most of the time I always failed. No matter how hard I study I'd just get ±48% which results in writting a supplementary exam(which I didn't feel like studying for most of the time). I'd I I cursed...why am I suffering...why are my classmates passing and I'm failing...all those sorta questions. And after 3years of perservering, it finally got to a point where UJ kicked me out lolololololo! I was disapionted, angry, worried cause I only needed 2% to pass. When I went to enquire with my H.O.D she was like nope, we can't take you back here. Goodbye. Okay...I started praying hoping for a miracle(you know when things go wrong we run to our last solution-God) lol. And I got this brilliant idea from a classmate that I will just have to go to Vaal and coninue with this BioMed!! Since Vaak accepts all the UJ rejects, I really thought this was a plan from God. So after the festive season me and my dad were running around looking for schools and stuff. (Bless him!!) The only thing on my mind was joburg, nothing more nothing less! We went to Wits and they told us "sorry its full". TUT, failed the admision exam(do you know how easy it is tjo lol) and I told him, papa let's go to vaal, I am definatley sure they are gonna take me there. So the folowing week in the early hours of the morning my dad and I drive to Gauteng with so much confidence that I'll be accepted, obvious they don't have a choice. I was praying, I was fasting telling myself that ALL things are working together for my good. This is the day that God has made, they are going to accept me at vaal. I stood on a que from 8am to 5pm!! I remeber that day, the sun was scorching my eyes and skin, my feet were swollen, but I told myself it is all woth it. My dad was standing there with me even though I told him to go sit in the car(bless him!!) Hed bring me a cold drink now and then, a sausage, come check me up and stuff! So after those looong hours I finally made it to the H.O.Ds office. She looked at my results and shook her head, "no we cannot accept you", handing them back to me and looked at her computer. And I'm like wow looked at her with victim eyes and said why..she said you are not coping, u failed biochemistry twice. And I was like no...I'm gonna work hard this time...let me apply for biotechnology then...she's like what makes you think it would be any easier..I left her office and my dad was smiling by the the stairs and he saw how sad I was and noticed that I was not accepted...he was so optimistic!! For some reason though, when I got in the car, I was so happy. I knew that my God is in control...I don't know what the future holds...but all things are working together for my good and my God is in control. The next day we called my sister who's in bloemfonetin(UFs) and asked her to apply for me. She ran there and you know what...the closing date was the following day. And she was like,"hai its better if you guys just come here in person tomorow." Me and my dad got up again in the early hours, took a 5 hour drive to BFN(UFs). When we got there I gave the lady my results...scared. She's like bathung baby!! Why haven't you been applying a long time ago!! These are good marks!! I felt so happy! She was so kind...helpful...making me photocopies and I'm like....God I know yyoure in charge. Told me that I can go home and if I get an sms of my student card number in the next days or so I'm accepted to the university, but if I don't get the sms I'm not accepted. The sms got through and I came to register and now I'm in:) it is all Gods work. I was worried about joburg...but in joburg...I don't have a life. That is why God brought me here(Jeremiah 29v11) I was sad that I was leaving my friends, my hectic party life...but now God brought me here. He knows how much I miss having a friend...and he's working at that. He knows it gets lonely...but he's working on that...he knew I loved joburg...but He knows free state is the place for me!! I may not understnd...but God is at work every moment in my life...because He loves me and he has my interest at heart. He knows what I'm going to become and I only know about now...this God is a mysterious God no doubt!!! I'm so excited about my future because I know that I am not hopeless when my hope is in God!!♥

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