Monday, 26 March 2012

I am not finished with you yet

Last night I couldn't sleep! I felt that God wanted me to put up a new note, I was so reluctant! Cause He knows how I feel about these notes! I always constantly have to remind Him that I'm not perfect and now when I put up these notes, people look at me and they have a tendency to judge because its human nature! And He tells me that He knows all that! The ONE thing that people don't know for sure is, I AM NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!

 So yesterday I read this verse 1 John 3v8, it was on my mind ALL dayyyy! And night! "When people keep on sinning it shows that they belong to the Devil" I was like, oohhkay God, you know I don't like these kinda verses! I just wanna read about your love, and how you can bless me and how You are true to your word etc! And God was like, Yes, you now know about my love, but now its time for growth! Its time to move out of your comfort zone and go to the next level! And I was like "Father, you know how I have been living my life! You know what most people know about me! You know how wreck-less I have been! You know how much I've sinned and brought disgrace to your name, now how can I possibly stand up and tell people to stop sinning!" And He was like, don't worry about that! It was ALL in my plan! I AM NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!

 I also went on to read Romans 7v5! It says, "I don't understand myself at all, for I really want to do what is right! But I don't do it! Instead I do everything I hate!" I was like wow that's how I feel! But in the years I've been with Jesus, I have learned that I cannot kick the habit of sin overnight! With Gods help, I can make progress everyday! When I enter into His presence, He perfects me, one day at a time! And most of the time when I go into Gods presence, I'm always feeling a bit guilty because of my past or what I might do in the future. But God yesterday was very frank with me. He reminded me that I can come to him with boldness that I might receive mercy and grace, he has forgotten about my sins, and I shouldn't have to worry about the future if I can just obey what the word says in 1john 3v8! God knows that we are not perfect, I like emphasizing this point because many don't understand that God doesn't want a perfect person! Jesus came for those who are weak, those who are struggling. That's why Paul says that Gods strength is made perfect in our weakness! Cause when we are weak, we are strong! Sin is something that none of us can completely stop, but if I continue with the same sin over and over and over again, I might not be showing any seriousness about God! Thank You Lord!

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